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Allure Trafficmaster "Click" flooring HELP!!!

The "Easiest Floor Ever" to install has become the biggest nightmare my house has seen for quite a while! My husband has been STRUGGLING to install this flooring for over a week, laying it, picking it back up, gluing some of it, HORRIBLE. For a floor that is termed the "Easiest Floor EVER" to install we have had nothing but problems.  Even when it seems to be together in spots the next day becomes unjoined- in spots that the floor is not completely level the floor will not stay together at all, it pops apart, and I'm talking very small dips, nothing major.  The flooring states, "no preparation to under flooring needed, Floats"


PLEASE- if someone knows any tricks or tips I would so appreciate any help- My husband is an extremely handy man, who has built rooms in less time than this!! HELP!

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Posted 2012-06-11T13:43:48+0000  by everylastbreath everylastbreath
I have installed several of these floors and the easiest method for me was to do the first row along the longest and straightest wall that doesn't have any baseboard heating units. You can install the first row (groove side toward the center of room) right up against the wall temporarily to help keep the panels straight and solid (until you get a few rows together). Now click together the ends of the second row with the tongue resting on the groove side. Starting at one end, slightly tilt the planks and insert into the groove all the way to the opposite end. I would then take a piece of scrap and place the tongue of the scrap into the groove of the second row at one end and gently tap the row in to place, using a rubber mallet. Importantly, Be sure to straddle the end joints and tap along the way. These need to be exactly straight or the row won't click properly. Having the first row against the wall helps in keeping the rows straight and not bowing during the tapping process. Once you get a few rows together, move the whole floor away from the wall the recommended distance and shim the crap out of it, especially at all the butt seam joints and keep on going.
Hope this helps a little, it works for me
Posted 2013-01-10T20:03:36+0000  by jimbobh

Give me a friggin break!!!!! Where do we live?  Did we acclimate the pieces?  What kind of sub floor ...yada yada  yada....

 How stupid can we ALL be.  This flooring touted as the EASIEST floor is a JOKE.  We have installed it and reinstalled it and reinstalled it...walked away from a beautiful floor with NO gaps only to walk into the room several hours later to see GRAY LINES where there were once tight seams.  In the first place the company that produced the flooring should have been smart enough to color match the entire piece not use gray as the click lips.  I'm betting if they had many of us could have lived with the minor gaps BUT the thought of the flooring continuing to readjust itself, with gaps continuing to grow until the pieces start popping apart is UNFORGIVABLE and the claim of ease if FRAUDLENT.  Looks like the time for a class action suit is nearing.  Big disappointment for a major expense. 

Posted 2013-06-19T01:24:01+0000  by walshp8

Hey walshp8,


Thanks for joining us here on the community.


I would agree with you that any planks that are separating IF every direction and step from the manufacturer was followed correctly is unforgivable.


I would say that, believe it or not, most people don't realize that simple things like the other user asked via where it was being installed and if it acclimated to the room actually makes a massive difference between Allure Ultra working vs. failing.


I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with Allure Ultra, but if you did follow everything that Halstead (the manufacturer) states, this would be then and only then, that you should experience failure at any level and be frustrated.


I wish this flooring system worked out for you, but I've honestly had way more people tout Allure Ultra in a positive way versus a negative one. After personally installing some planks when our stores first had them in, it took me a minute to get the right angle and feel to get the planks to install properly.



If there were any additional comments or concerns you have, let me know.


Hope to hear from you again,


Posted 2013-06-22T20:02:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I have to agree with the above comments.  I too have installed the "glued" allure floor many times, and very experienced at diy projects. Never had an issue.  This is simply dissappointing.  For the price of this I could have purchased actual wood floors.  


The subfloor is level, they acclimated for at least a week and a half, and they were locked in 1 piece at a time.  I completed 3 rooms with this, after the first 2, about 2 weeks had passed, I start to see the separation and grey lines.  Very hesitantly, I start the 3rd room. When doing the 3rd room, after they were "clicked" into place I even put painters tape over the joints as I progressed so nothing would move, and yet again once it was completed and started to use the room, they separated.  This is the worst floor I have ever worked with.  


$$ should be refunded for this floor.  Company should have never switched away from the "glued" edges.  That version works beautiful.


After special ordering this, I am now contemplating having to take this out and replace it with a different floor.  Double the cost.  Company should stand behind this product!!!


Posted 2013-10-23T20:26:27+0000  by frustrated_diy

Good afternoon frustrated_diy,


Thank you for joining us here on the community!


I apologize in your frustrations with using Allure Ultra.


The only thing I could think of when it came to separation was having any room transition pieces and/or floor moulding being loose or not being there. Since your subfloor is level as you say, I'm going to rule that out.


Every type of floating floor has to have the edges firmly secured by these 2 items listed above in order for it to prevent the planks from separating.


I will say that TrafficMaster still makes the Grip Strip (glue type) Allure; we never changed it out at our store and it is still sold to this day.


Have you spoken to Halstead Intl (they make Allure Ultra) directly addressing your concerns?


You can reach their customer support hotline at 1-866-843-8453.

That would be a better solution for your floors before you decide to give up on them.


Keep me updated on what your next choice will be, and I hope to hear from you soon,


Posted 2013-10-23T20:46:58+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



I am writing for my brother who is disabled, we received a state grant to remodel his apartment so it is handicap accessible, a contractor did all the work. The work was finished at the end of July. The contractor layed the allure Oak flooring model number 101-701. The flooring was layed in the kitchen and a new handicap bathroom with a wheelchair shower installed. Problem now is the flooring in the bathroom is all coming up, half the planks have seperated and risen, some of the same happening in the kitchen. My brother being handicapped, this flooring was recommended by the state for its water proof and slip resistant for him when he is standing and moving from wheel chair to shower and so on. The floor coming up is posing a hazard for him. About a 2 weeks after the work was finished one plank in the middle of the bathroom started to rise, contracter that did the work was called and came and used adhesive to seal it down again, within a week it was back up, now half the bathroom is doing the same! 


How did this happen? How do we fix it? 


Thank you


Posted 2013-10-26T15:36:46+0000  by valzie

Hey Valzie,


First off, I'm very sorry to hear about your brothers situation with Allure Oak floors.


To be quite honest, I can't make a proper diagnosis on the floor without getting more information from you...even uploading images will assist as well. Theres a lot of variables involved that can make a new floor fail.


Most of the issues on this entire thread is actually another type of Allure floor...the Allure Ultra, and it installs very differently than your floor.


However, if the planks are coming up as you say, there are generally a few culprits if they keep coming up as you say.


The first one that came to mind was the fact that the planks weren't installed firmly to each other. If you have regular Allure as you say, the GripStrip portion of each plank should adhere to each other.


With that said, the installer should of made sure that the floors were rolled or weighted down to ensure the planks stick to one another. That could be a reason why your planks are separated now.


Another one could be that the planks didn't get acclimated to the room. Even though this is a vinyl and man-made floor, the planks needed to be in the room for at least 48 hours before installation.


Lastly, you could of had some dirt or the like that got in the GripStrip. That would reduce the integrity of the planks adhering to each other. We do carry Allure tape which refreshes the GripStrip and gives the planks a better chance of adhering to each other.


Even failure to place floor moulding and room transition strips can make a floor fail like this.

In other words, as I stated before, a lot of variables that can happen.


Give us more information if you can regarding the state of your floors now. Read the information above to see if the installer did (or didn't) do the things shown above. You may have to reinstall the floor again to ensure this doesn't happen again.


Please keep me updated on your progress, as I want this floor to work and be safe for your brother.



Posted 2013-10-30T13:09:03+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



I know the floor was rolled when he put it down, I do not know about the other issues you stated. I can send pictures that may help you seeing the issues we are having. The contractor did come at one point when I called him because one of the planks in the middle of the bathroom floor had lifted and began to seperate causing a tripping hazard for my brother, he came and used a adhesive in a calking type canister, we weighted it down for 48 hours, and after removing the weight within a week the plank was back up and seperated from the rest, now half the bathroom is that way.


The first pic is the kitchen, the planks are coming up from the threshold from the dining room into the kitchen, and along the wall off the threshold. The last two are pics of the bathroom, the planks start lifting from the wheel in shower over, to about half way along bathroom floor.



Any help will be appreciated! 





Posted 2013-10-30T14:51:10+0000  by valzie

Hey again,


Thank you for uploading the pictures; it gives us a greater understanding of what is going on.


As I stated earlier, there can be a lot of factors regarding having the planks fail. On the last picture, it looks as though the planks weren't locked in place with quarter round moulding or room transitions. Although I can't see this for sure, it seems that there weren't any of these important pieces.


Did your floor have these? If they did, then the planks should be about 1/8" or 1/4" gap underneath both the moulding and transitions. If you don't, this maybe the culprit for the planks coming up.


See if this is the case, and we can go from there. Either way, let us know so we can get to the bottom of it.



Posted 2013-10-30T15:24:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

The transition was used from the dining are into the living room, ironically that is where the planks are starting to raise up in the kitchen,  They have actually raised higher then the rest of the floor almost a roller coaster look to them. There are no molding anywhere in the kitchen in the bath along the baseboards, only place he placed it was at the base of the sink cabinet in the kitchen.

Posted 2013-10-30T15:50:49+0000  by valzie
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