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Allure Trafficmaster "Click" flooring HELP!!!

The "Easiest Floor Ever" to install has become the biggest nightmare my house has seen for quite a while! My husband has been STRUGGLING to install this flooring for over a week, laying it, picking it back up, gluing some of it, HORRIBLE. For a floor that is termed the "Easiest Floor EVER" to install we have had nothing but problems.  Even when it seems to be together in spots the next day becomes unjoined- in spots that the floor is not completely level the floor will not stay together at all, it pops apart, and I'm talking very small dips, nothing major.  The flooring states, "no preparation to under flooring needed, Floats"


PLEASE- if someone knows any tricks or tips I would so appreciate any help- My husband is an extremely handy man, who has built rooms in less time than this!! HELP!

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Posted 2012-06-11T13:43:48+0000  by everylastbreath everylastbreath

I just spoke with the contractor that layed the floor, went over the steps you outlined in my reply, he said he did all that you had suggested. Planks were in the house 3 days prior to installing, they used a heavy roller on the floor as they layed them down and afterwards. There is baseboard all around the rooms, so no need for the 1/4 inch molding he said. No dirt on the planks adhesive as laying down. 


He is going to come out next week and look himself. 


A lot of concern with my brother navigating over the planks that are pulling up, he cannot lift his legs even that much.

Any other suggestions you can give me?




Posted 2013-10-30T17:40:11+0000  by valzie

Hey again Valzie,


From what it sounds like, since he didn't put down the quarter round moulding to lock everything in place, you now have the planks separating. Unless the exsiting baseboard fit UNDERNEATH the planks and not beside them, would this type of install be okay.


This coupled with the use of the wheelchair in the room everyday would cause the planks to fail in a short amount of time.


An example of this is shown below, the moulding in this case (quarter round) where the planks MUST have some sort of moulding on top of it.




If he didn't do this, then this is most likely the cause for all the planks to fail. Since the planks have acclimated and if the subfloor is level underneath, this is probably why the planks are coming apart. You have to have moulding or trim holding down the planks (disregard using adhesive or caulk, unless its near the tub).


As for a temp fix until he gets back to fix it, the only 2 things to do would be to either put some sheet of plywood down for the time being or take out every single plank to give yourself a level subfloor. The planks are very easy  to take apart.


Plus, from what it sounds like, since he cut corners and didn't put down 1/4 round moulding, it will be easy to access the planks for removal.


Keep me updated on your progress. Thanks again for reaching out to us for your brothers flooring issues.



Posted 2013-10-30T18:44:30+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I will keep you up to date, I will also show the contractor this thread, I asked him about the molding and he was under the impression with the baseboard in place he didn't need to put the molding down. He did install the baseboards.


Thank you for your help, and I'll let you know that out come to all this.



Posted 2013-10-30T18:56:30+0000  by valzie
It sounds like allure ultra trafficmaster is not advised to be used in a room with wheelchair traffic. Is this the case?
Posted 2013-11-04T18:18:32+0000  by donrosea

Hey donrosea,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I scoured Allure and Allure Ultra's Installation Guide, and nowhere did I see that wheelchairs couldn't be used.


In the case of our user above, it was more of a use of the contractor not using the proper quarter round moulding to lock in the planks together. They skipped this step, and added with the wheelchair, caused the floor to separate and fail.

Medical Flyweight Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

This type of failure would of happened with regular foot traffic in either case, but the wheelchair I believe just exacerbated the situation.


As long as the wheelchair is in good condition (no gouges and clean), you can safely use a wheelchair over Allure, Allure Ultra, & Allure Plus, provided the installation is done exactly per the manufacturers directions.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding flooring, or anything else.



Posted 2013-11-06T13:51:26+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Another person here who installed Allure Click Flooring with problems keep it together. I have used the Allure glue strip flooring with excellent results. Just put the Allure click flooring in my bathroom and although it lined up good initially after limited use many of the seems are separating leaving unsightly "gray" seams. Yes I did follow the instructions, yes the floor is level, and yes the tiles were acclimated. What gives here as this flooring appears to be quite substandard.
Posted 2017-02-06T17:10:26+0000  by crazyjjk

So, we struggled for HOURS, then DAYS with this flooring. The instructions are incorrect - you can only start the flooring from the BOTTOM UP - it doesn't work from top down. Once we figured that out, we thought we had it installed correctly because it LOOKED and seemed in place. Next day we found that a bunch of them had separated. The solution was to tear them all out and start almost all over - except this time we noticed that if I ran my FINGERNAIL - yup, my fingernail along the long seam in particular, that was the only way to tell if a part of a plank hadn't clicked in properly. It could be a teeny tiny bit out and you could hear a "POP" once we got it in. Another plank would go in with no pop whatsoever, yet it passed the fingernail test. Really weird flooring. Once we had to tear some out and reinstall it sure reinstalled more easily. If you are out at all on 1 single plank, it will throw the rest out, though. We got so good at it that I could tell whether a plank was properly in by angling it and running my fingernail along it before even setting the plank down. However, laying them around a doorway, etc. is very difficult in order to keep it square in a room that isn't square with a closet in the middle of it, etc. Just take your time!!!  And don't do too much of it at once. Also, I had bought a Rockwell saw from Cdn Tire on sale and wow - does that saw cut the planks really well. Don't cut them by hand - you'll be there all year and develop tendonitis. The other thing is cutting it around doorways, etc. is difficult b/c you can't really angle it in with moulding in the way. Another solution was to use this little metal grab tool thing that I used to install laminate flooring - you can slightly lift the plank and pull it into place. Another trick we used was taking a small scrap piece of flooring and aligning it with the upper part of a long side of the plank (don't press it into the locking part that sticks out) and hammering it slightly in. And you have to tap the ends in with a rubber mallet. With all these tricks you can get the flooring in, although it's really ridiculous to go to these lengths. The guy at Home Depot said to run a rolling pin (or $ roller) over the entire floor when you're done to completely seal it. Also, use a dolly to move your washer and dryer - don't try and lift or drag it over the flooring. 1 more trick: When you take the planks out of the boxes and after you've cut any, run your hand over the back of each one to ensure that no cardboard pieces/chunks are stuck to them from the paper cutouts placed in the box. 
Posted 2018-08-12T19:43:01+0000  by Pambo
Yup - figured it all out after days of struggling, and have posted it under a comment "FIGURED OUT THE TRICK TO INSTALLING ALLURE SIMPLEFIT LOCKING TILE PLANKS!"
Posted 2018-08-12T19:43:57+0000  by Pambo
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