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Allure vinyl plank flooring

Good morning,


First of all, we're very happy with this flooring. We have a cat who has slighty incontinence issues, and this was an effective, aesethically pleasing option for our living room.


We would like to know what is the best solution/product for cleaning this floor. We have been cleaning small portions, but would like to scrub the entire room, so we are wondering what is the best solution that won't harm the glue.


Thanks. My email is for contact.


Jeff Carroll

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Posted 2011-07-01T13:53:53+0000  by jefftcarroll jefftcarroll
We have a very bad salt build up on our allure floors. I've tried everything. I'm going to try the vinegar you recommended today.

Besides the salt they seem to be very dull and hazy. The floors are maybe 6 months old. The allure polish may restore them (I am hoping) but that's not something I want done until this winter season and snowfall ends. Any recommendations?

Lastly, are steam mops safe for allure floors?

Your quick response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Posted 2014-01-12T10:56:03+0000  by Jrravis

Just found this site by looking up what to clean my Allure floor with.  I have a question about installing Allure Ultra vinyl planks and hopefully you can answer.

We special ordered the Aegaen Travertine Natural planks for our kitchen.  The pattern of Allure may not be important because I think my question will pertain to all.  Are the planks packaged in the box to lay/install in a certain order or sequence based on the design on the plank?

Thanks in advance.

Posted 2015-01-01T21:08:18+0000  by hgbdab
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