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Allure vinyl plank not staying stuck together

I have the Allure vinyl plank with adhesive to connect. I let the floor aclamate for one week in the room it would be installed in at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. After installing the floor today, it is lifting up at the corners. There is a 1/4" gap at each wall for free floating. How do I get the corners to stop raising up, and stay connected ?
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Posted 2017-09-16T03:43:28+0000  by Bgrisham Bgrisham
Forgot to mention the floor is plywood subfloor that I ran a plumb line over to make sure it was level, and used a belt sander to knock off any high spots and floor leveler for any low spots. The subfloor is level and smooth.
Posted 2017-09-16T03:49:21+0000  by Bgrisham
Hello Bgrishham and welcome to the Community.

First, I would like to refer to the complete installation Guide and Specifications.. You may be able to trouble shoot by reviewing the processes.


Next, you did not mention weather you applied pressure when you installed this product.



When installing allure it is vital for a successful installation that as much pressure is exerted when attaching plank to plank. Utilize a hand roller directly on the joined seam to create the proper bond between the GripStrips™as you attach each plank. After completion, roll the entire floor in both directions with a 75 to 100 lb. roller. Pressure is the key. To insure proper bonding of the material on the job site, take two planks and attach together and roll with the hand roller and then pull apart.  A bond should be observed throughout the whole GripStrip. Adhesive legs or adhesive transfer should be seen on the GripStrips. This will confirm the material has been acclimated properly and the temperature of the allure is ready for installation.


Please visit DIY GENIUS.  This is the web site for Halstead the manufacture of Allure flooring.  Here you can gather information and even go on to a live Online Chat Support or call direct to 1-866-843-8453.  If you need additional adhesive, they would be happy to accommodate your needs.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2017-09-19T16:17:25+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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