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Altura fan with a added light kit and BUZZING electronic module

I have an Altura 68in ceiling fan with a added light kit.   Unit is 1.5 years old and has worked perfectly since installation.  A small electrical module in the end cap has sudddenly started an irregular loud buzzing sound whenever we turn on the light.  Lights flicker wildly in sync with the buzzing and dimmer function has little affect.   Fan will not run without the module even when lamp is off.   I appear to need a replacement module (remote control receiver swapped and tested good) but can find nothing to identify or describe it, much less order it.    Parts SHOULD come under the warranty but how do I take advantage of it?

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Posted 2014-01-05T23:35:30+0000  by sjshumaker sjshumaker
Sjshumaker, apologies for the problem with the fan but you are correct, this does sound like it could be a reciever issue, which can be resolved easily, by purchasing the part from the manufacturer's support team at 800-330-3267.
All parts are warranteed for the first full year of ownership from the date of purchase, but after the year is up, the motor is under a limited lifetime warranty and will be repaired or replaced if a problem with the motor arises.

Please just give our tech support/parts line with your UPC on hand (I've attached a picture of the motor sticker it can be found on, but it is also inside your instruction manual), and they can troubleshoot and order any parts as needed.
Thank you very much!
- Nicki
Posted 2014-01-06T15:33:02+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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