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Aluminum frame windows accumulating moisture


We live in a condo where our windows have aluminum frames which accumulate moisture pretty easily. This is leading to mold in some areas. What are some solutions to address this situation? Is there anything that I can line the aluminum with to prevent moisture?

Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Posted 2016-12-19T03:30:46+0000  by axl163 axl163

Hello axl163 and welcome to the Community.


The problem is condensation. Warm moist air coming in contact with a cooler surface. 

During the months when conditions are at their worst, some relief can be found by using window insulation kits to keep the moist air from coming in contact with the cool glass and frame of the window.


Another approach would be to use a de-humidifier, to reduce the amount of moisture in the air that would come in contact with the cold surfaces of the window.


The best solution but of course the more expensive would be to replace the window.  Living in a condo limits this options, unless your association decided to make such investment.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Posted 2016-12-20T16:24:47+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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