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Aluminum pool enclosure

I want to paint my aluminum pool enclosure, I live at the beach. Wife wants a bright color (white), not sure how that would look. Next I will be refinishing the pool and deck area surrounding the drips, overspray, not much of a concern. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as...Preparation, kind of paint, and method of painting....... i know color is a matter of personal choice....but Im not sure about the please

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Posted 2011-05-22T10:38:23+0000  by RRPowell RRPowell

Good morning I hope you are having a great spring season this year.


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Aluminum is by far the best, long lasting material to use as a pool surround.  As always, before any exterior painting is done – you will need to thoroughly clean any surface that you are planning on coating.  A simple bleach/detergent mixture applied with a pump-up sprayer and rinsed with clean water is all you need to prepare the surface.




Pool Surround:  lightly sand any loose paint and wipe any dust off before painting.  I recommend a product called DTM (Direct-to-Metal) that is specially designed to adhere to metal surfaces and last for years to come.  Because it is a primer and a finish coat product all in one – you eliminate a lot of extra work. This product can be ordered from your Home Depot directly or on-line at




Pool/Patio floor:  After cleaning the surface you may need to prepare it before applying the coating.  If it has already had a coat of something on it, then scrape any loose paint off before proceeding.  The best product to put down would be a solid color concrete stain. Most times you can apply this directly to the surface, but without knowing exactly what is already on the surface I recommend priming first.  Use a bonding primer that is compatible with the concrete stain you are using.




After the bonding primer has dried (read the label) apply the concrete stain with a roller. You may need to apply a second coat if the color change is significantly different.  You may want to consider adding a non-skid additive to the stain if the surface is slick or may become slippery when wet.




I posted a more detailed explanation on the options available for coating cement surfaces last week.  Here is a link for you to reference if you like.


Thank you once again for stopping by the community.  Please let us know how it turned out and post some before and after photos as well.

Posted 2011-05-22T14:22:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

When I went to Home Depot to get DTM they said it was available on ly on line.  But they also said there was a sample size.  Is this correct?  I don't need a gallon.

Thanks for your help

Posted 2012-04-04T17:05:23+0000  by A2


One concern of painting a pool enclose white or very light color is that a light color tends to stop your vision at that point. Have you noticed that most screening material is a dark color? This is the reason. Your vision continues out to the light area beyond. The metal framework will be much more obvious if painted a light color!


As to how to paint the metal framing of the pool enclosure:

Whether the enclosure has a painted finish or an anodized finish, both make a suitable underbody for an acrylic paint.  Anodizing is actually often done to aluminum prior to painting because it makes the aluminum more porous so that the paint will adher better. Factory painted aluminum also accepts paint well, although if it has a  smooth and slick feeling, it is probably a good idea to give it a little scuff sanding first. I have painted dozens of aluminum sided homes over the years with acrylic paint, including my own, and have always had good results. Normally, a primer is not necessary.


Obviously, all the rules still apply: you need a clean, mildew free and oxide free surface. A good washing or vigorous power washing normally takes care of this.

Posted 2012-04-19T19:55:46+0000  by ordjen
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