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Am I too late?

I feel like I missed the summer veggie planting season. What can I grow at this time of year in SoCal? 
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Posted 2016-07-20T16:21:03+0000  by Chatdancer Chatdancer
Howdy Chatdancer,


The answer is YES you can grow most vegetables in your area now. I like to replant seedlings of plants that only yield one crop this month myself.

Here are the simple steps to getting you summer garden growing;


1) Soil Soil Soil; If I could one point across to any backyard gardener it would be to prepare your soil. This is really easy and necessary. Add amendment such as; compost, Amend, garden soil, or other organic rich bag of goodness to have the essential nutrients for your garden.



2) Spacing; Knowing the mature size of the plants is a good idea before planting seedlings. This will allow for the correct airflow to keep fungus from happening. I also like to have the taller plants in the back and shorter in front so I can easily see what is ready to be harvested.



3) Realize when to Fertilize; Veggies are often highly productive plants and require fertilizer, just don’t go overboard by applying too much! Plants often grow slowly in cool spring weather, so you won’t see the effects of feeding until the weather warms. Most vegetables do well with fertilizing 1-2 times a month till the season is over.



The good news is that you local Home Depot will have the seedlings that are still in season now.

If you get a moment, why not post some photos of before and after you do your planting?


Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

Posted 2016-07-21T18:14:04+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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