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American Classics Lazy Susan

I recently purchased & installed new cabinets in my kitchen. I'm finding the Lazy Susan feature takes up some valuable storage space in the corner unit. I want to remove it, but am not sure if that center pole is supporting the top of the cabinet! There were no instructions in the box regarding this feature! I'm guessing if I want those shelves removed, I'm going to have to dismantle the whole assembly & if the pole is needed, just screw it back without the rotating shelves!?!

Has anyone else tried removing these???  HELP!!

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Posted 2011-04-18T15:15:19+0000  by shkago1952 shkago1952

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The Lazy Susan is not part of the cabinet structure – so you will be fine in removing it.


They can be a little tricky though…There are plates at the both top and bottom of the center pole. The difficult part is in getting enough workable space to gain access to the screws holding them in place.  You will want to loosen up the support screws that are essentially holding the shelving in place.  Slide the shelf up to gain access to the lower plate, and then drop the shelves down to remove the top plate.  You will have to tilt the whole assembly and angle it left or right out the door in order to remove it.


 I recommend removing the door from its hinges before attempting all this.



Posted 2011-04-18T15:47:30+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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