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An oil-less turkey fryer that cooks beef, pork, fish, chicken & vegetables

A special treat every holiday season is the turkey – baked turkey everywhere and fried turkey here in the South!  Frying a turkey in oil is a messy and expensive process; the hot oil can be a safety hazard.  But moist turkey is worth it! 


charbroil oil free turkey fryer.jpg 


The Char-Broil Propane Oil-Less Fryer uses infrared heat circles to penetrate the meat evenly and seal in juices. Season by coating the bird in a rub - dry or moist – and place the turkey in the basket. Put the basket in the cooker. Turn it on. The enclosed thermometer measures the internal meat temperature.  About two hours later (depending on the turkey size), a perfectly crisp bird is done!


The 16,000 BTU burner cooks up to 16 pounds of succulent turkey, chicken, fish, pork tenderloin, beef roast, and even vegetables!  Turkeys and chickens cook in about 8 to 10 minutes per pound.  Roasts and most other large cuts of meat cook for slightly longer.


The easy-to-assemble fryer is small (17.5 in. wide x 17.5 in. deep x 20.5 in. tall) and has cool-touch handles for added safety.  The pull-out grease tray allows for easy cleanup (or drippings for gravies).



Personal note: I have eaten pork tenderloin, roast, turkey, fish, and asparagus made in the oil-less turkey fryer and everything was moist and delicious!



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