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Anchoring Lawn Furniture

I am looking for a way to anchor lawn furniture to keep it from blowing around or being stolen.  I didn't want a big chain to show.  Is there a way to lock the furniture down that doesn't show too much?

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Posted 2010-11-08T21:18:49+0000  by ma ma

Hi ma,

Travis here in Atlanta, and I also welcome you to our community.


When securing patio furniture, esthetics and mobility are the main challenge. The chairs need to move freely, and sometimes the cables outweigh the furniture. You want to avoid trip hazards, too. Vinyl coated cable  won't rust or scratch the paint of your table and chairs.  tiedown cable.jpgThe challenge is how to anchor the cable. A concrete patio might need to be drilled to accommodate an anchor and eye bolt.lag shield.jpgeyebolt screw.jpg

A wooden deck would accommodate a surface mounted loop.surface mount hook.jpgEither of these methods could use a padlock for security.


I recommend routing individual cables for each chair. With the anchor under the center of the table, run the cables up through the hole for the umbrella and along the leg frames to each chair. This allows for chair movement and hides the  cable somewhat.

If your cables have loop ends, like the ones pictured here, push one loop through the other around the chair's frame under the seat to secure it. This allows you to secure them all with one pad lock.


Thanks ma, for your question. I hope I helped.



Best Answer

Posted 2010-11-09T14:37:58+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Welcome to the community, ma. I’m Ken in the Chicago area.

Anchoring your furniture down depends on what the furniture is made of

and what surface it is on. If it is on a hard surface like wood or concrete,

you could screw it down using the appropriate screw for that surface. I

assume that the leg can handle a screw without damaging it too much.


If it’s not on a hard surface, then an aircraft cable sheathed in plastic

could be used to anchor the furniture.  You could attach it to the house or in the ground with

one of those curly-cue dog leash anchors and a lock. Good luck and keep me

posted on what you come up with.


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Posted 2010-11-08T22:00:08+0000  by Ken_HD_CHI

I have a good idea of what materials to use now.  Thank you!

Posted 2010-11-09T15:43:03+0000  by ma

Thank you so much for these suggestions!
We had our patio furniture off our front porch stolen in the middle of the night last week. We have 7 dogs and not a PEEP out of any of them! which is amazing to me. We have been trying to figure out how to secure our newly purchased set  so it wouldn't be taken again, and have yet to put it out because of not really knowing what to do. Thanks for the suggestions this is awesome!
We're already goin to install a motion light on that area as well to help prevent anyone from even testing the achoring of the furniture. I still can't believe someone actually took my patio furniture (it had been out there for 6 years!). Just the nerve of some people!

Posted 2013-03-09T20:16:14+0000  by jaemyers77
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