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Annual Caladiums

Annual Caladiums

Sun exposure: shade to partial shade

Spacing: 8 to 14 inches

Bloom time: Known for their brilliant colorful foliage

Soil: Miracle Gro Garden Soil, Soil Conditioner, Black Kow Cow Manure

Amend the soil with proper amendments for your soil type.

Fertilizer: Slow release granular Osmocote Outdoor and Indoor  

Caladiums large multi colored leaves put on quite the show in deeply shaded areas where many other plants refuse to grow. You can find caladiums growing in pots in the nursery around May or you can buy caladium bulbs in February at The Home Depot.

You will want to start your bulbs in planters in the house 4 to 6 weeks before planting them in the ground. Caladiums like warm soil temperatures (65° to 70°F) and therefore should be planted in the ground around Mothers day. They also need nutrient rich loose soil like Garden soil and Manure. If you plant the bulbs in the ground then do so in May and plant them 3 inches deep with the point facing up.

Caladium bulbs can be left in the ground year round in zones 9 through 11 Find Your Zone and plants should be planted in heavy shade in warm climates. Caladiums further north can take more sun but bulbs should be taken up in fall (before soil temps reach 55°F) and stored in dry peatmoss in the dark where temperatures do not drop below 60°.

Caladiums do well in pots as well as creating borders and mass plantings. Other great companion plants include Impatiens, Dragon Wing Begonias, Greenleaf Begonias and Coleus. 

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