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Another Ridgid Battery warranty problem

Back in 2003 Depot had a huge sale on Ridgid. I spent over $2,000. Tool kit, stands, sanders, saws and more. I purchased them because of the lifetime warranty on everything, including batteries.  Back then there was no on-line registration - you mailed it it.  I did that.

Now I need new batteries and a charger - there's no record of my purchases. Big surprise. I registered EVERY tool.

What's really sad? Walk into a depot today and you're told there's a lifetime warranty on batteries and chargers. EVERY employee you ask in the tool tells you that. "Do I have to register or anything?"  The usual answer? "Nope - just bring it in to a service center and they'll replace it."


I purchased Ridgid because of the warranty.  If I have a lifetime warranty, I have a lifetime warranty.  If my Craftsman or SnapOn wrench breaks, I get an immediate replacement.  With Ridgid? Chances  are you're screwed. Or you have to spend $12 on shipping to replace a $15 tool.

Not happy at all. I'd sooner sell the stuff on eBay then buy new batteries and charger. Just curious what can be done about this?
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Posted 2015-06-25T18:35:48+0000  by RickRick RickRick
Hi RickRick,

I am sorry you're having warranty issues with Ridgid tools, the tools are warrantied by Ridgid, we sell them here at the Home Depot however Ridgid is the warranty agent.

The Ridgid tool line was sold to TTI Industries, at the time of the sale many of the tool registrations, were not transferred to the new owners, thus no record of your purchases.

 Please contact our Customer Care at 1-866-875-5488 for additional assistance.

Posted 2015-06-26T00:23:47+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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