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Another, more confusing problem with a HB fan remote

I read through several posts about problems with wireless ceiling fan remotes, but nothing with my problem. 


All 4 fan controls (lo/med/hi/off) work on the remote. The light/dimmer button does not. It would seem that it's a problem with the remote, right?


Fortunately I have another fan with wireless remote which is in working condition, and after reading the troubleshooting on this forum I took it and set it to the same DIP settings as the other fan (which it was already set to, actually), and NONE of the buttons work. 


If it were an issue with the remote, the functioning remote would turn on the light. If it were a problem with the receiver and whatever part of it controls the light, the functioning remote would turn on the fan. 


Both remotes/fans are Hampton Bay. The partially-function remote has MODEL:FAN-HD on the back, and the working one has MODEL:FAN-9T. Is it possible that these aren't compatible? 


Where can I go from here?

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Posted 2012-11-06T03:26:37+0000  by slimbo slimbo

Hello slimbo and thank you for joining The Community. We are glad that you are here.


For the fastest and most accurate advice, I recommend that you determine the exact models of the fans in your home and then contact our Hampton Bay team for troubleshooting.  They can help you diagnose the problems and get your ceiling fans working properly again.  They are here to help from start to finish - call them at 1-877-527-0313 and select option 2.


The first question they will ask is for the UPC of each fan in your home. Locate the 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters) found on the sticker on top of the motor housing.  This will identify the exact model and manufacturer of the fan. 


SAFETY NOTE: Be sure to switch off the correct breaker before removing the motor housing. If you will be using a ladder, place it on a level surface and be sure to have a helper spot you.  The ladder will need to support your weight as well as the weight of the ceiling fan.


If you cannot retrieve the code from the top of the motor housing, then send a photo to help identify your ceiling fan. The Hampton Bay team will give you the correct e-mailing address.


The team will work with you get both fans working properly and can also provide the Use and Care Manual and Installation/ Assembly Instructions for your ceiling fans.  They can also review any warranty concerns that your many have.  Be sure to write the UPC and SKU numbers as well as the model name and numbers in your manual for future reference. 


Best wishes with your project.


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Posted 2012-11-06T15:33:52+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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