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Antenna Project

I starting a project, and I wanted to paint an existing antenna the same color as the gold object it's mounted on. However, I was afraid that any metal components in the antenna might impact its function. Does anyone know of a gold paint that wouldn't include anything metal?

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Posted 2012-03-29T16:36:53+0000  by MFazzina MFazzina

It's a Great Day at The Paint Pit MFazzina!


Thanks for bringing your unusual question to The Community!!!


You know, this is the first time in more than nine years that I've been asked about painting a metal antenna gold.


In support of your inquiry, I've contacted Behr Technical Support as well as Rust-Oleum Technical Support.


Neither tests their products for performance standards related to painting an antenna ... though they do test extensively for many other criteria.


So, unfortunately I cannot answer your question.


My best recommendation would be to identify the antenna manufacturer and contact their technical support team for a recommendation.


Again, thanks for joining The Community!

Posted 2012-04-12T14:56:36+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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