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Antique furniture with mirrors

I have 2 pieces of furniture with mirrors that look "black" in places.  I guess discolored  with time.  Is there anyway I can repair the mirrors (maybe on the back)?  The mirrors are beveled and will be pretty costly to replace.  Thank you

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Posted 2013-04-11T16:53:05+0000  by KarenW KarenW

Hi there KarenW,


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It sounds like you have a bit of a problem with the mirror's reflective coat wearing. This is completely normal for an aging mirror, especially given that you noted that it's an antique piece. This has happened with at least a couple of mirrors that I own that have been passed down through the years, but I retain the imperfections as I see them as character. I personally don't recommend any sort of restoration on an antique piece as it could end up worse than before.


If you must restore it however, it will likely need to be re-silvered. This is predominately a professional job as it requires specific chemicals to do so and DIY results may not always be up to par. Often times though the price of what you will pay for it to be re-silvered may outweigh the cost of an entirely new mirror.


There are quick fixes such as reflective foil to be used on the backing where it has warn, but those can damage it even further if you place tape upon the backing of the mirror, so I don't suggest them.


I would advise you to seek a professional glass and mirror repair service. As I mentioned, there are DIY kits available on the market, but I've only heard stories of how difficult and time consuming they are to use for people.


Posted 2013-04-12T17:24:00+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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