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Antique look

I'm moving into an apartment soon and instead of buying new furniture and spending more money I thought I would just paint the furniture I already have. I want to give it an antique look but I'm not sure how to go about it and what colors to use. My duvet cover for my bed it a dusty/dark pastel pink and I have grey pillows and sheets to go with them. Also, some of my furniture are different colors, there's some light colored wood and very dark. Will that make them look different when I paint them?

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Posted 2011-05-18T20:16:32+0000  by Kasslk Kasslk

Hello Kassik,


Excellent idea ... What's old is new again!!!


We can certainly help.


Rather than write lengthy instructions, I am going to hyperlink several answers to other members' questions that should help you develop creative ideas for "Antiquing" your furniture.


Before the links, however, I would recommend Zinsser Cover Stain, an oil-based primer as the transition product to use between your old finish and your new paint. This will provide a consistent base that will help prevent your "light colored wood and very dark," from looking different when painted.


Have a look at these links:


Faux Finish Trim and Cabinets This thread includes how to choose base color and glaze color, as well as how to apply.


Reviving a Room or Budget Furniture This thread includes several techniques that can be used on furniture or walls.


Finally, you may choose not to paint, but rather to re-stain several of those pieces of furniture. Here is a link that describes a simple way to re-stain your different pieces toward a more uniform color:

How to Stain a Crib


One last thought:

Behr, Glidden, and Martha Living all have great resources to help with color and design selection. These tools can help you experiment with your existing colors to come up with a "color palette" to follow throughout your new design.

Have a look:


ColorSmart by Behr


Glidden Top 10 Color Series (including Top 10 Man Cave Colors)


Martha Living Picking A Paint Color


Now that we've given you some light "homework," your assignment is to review these materials and come back to share your decisions with the community. We can't wait to see your new color schemes.

Posted 2011-05-19T14:47:55+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Awesome! Thank you!

Posted 2011-05-20T18:52:37+0000  by Kasslk
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