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Antiquing Glaze

Looking for a particular glaze I believe I got at Home Depot several years back. The color of the glaze was Tobacco. I desperately need to find. Had new floors installed throughout my home and quarter round installed. I had glazed all the trim and doors with the tobacco color. Now I have all this new quarter round that's bright white staring at me. 

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. 

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Posted 2017-08-27T06:01:15+0000  by SexyNana SexyNana

Unfortunately, Home Depot no longer handles the Ralph Lauren Glazes, nor does it have the formulas in its computers in the stores. RL shot colorant directly into his stain, unlike the Behr system of actually adding paint to the glaze. If you had the can with the formula still legible on it, it could be shot into the Behr Faux Glaze and give similar results.

Also complicating things is that RL was sold in tandem with a suggested RL base coat paint. The color of the base coat is also very important.

It is possible that if you can bring a sample of the existing stained woodwork into the store, one of the HD associates could determine how to reproduce the effect. This is not a simple task as one has to determine the base coat color, the glaze tint, and the method of applying the glaze to give the same faux look.
Posted 2017-08-28T03:59:37+0000  by ordjen
Thanks for your response. 
Posted 2017-08-31T01:19:05+0000  by SexyNana
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