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Any Advice on best carpet pad for sound reduction

I recently had a insulation company come to my co-op apt and blow in green fiber cellulose in the walls, ceiling and under my hardwood floor. Now im going to put down my carpet and pad. 


Wondering if anyone has had any luck with different types for sound reduction. I was looking at this one:


When reading around on the internet, most sites say that the denser the material (like MLV and lead) the better the sound reduction and impact reduction. So i was thinking this pad is 20lb density so that is a lot more than the 6-8lb rebond. Also, anyone try the Nike one? Their site says its good for sound reduction too. 


This company sells a sound-reducing carpet pad with MLV in it and closed cell foam on the bottom but its really expensive:


It's about $270 for a roll of 90 sq feet. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Posted 2012-03-23T00:24:09+0000  by JarettS JarettS

Hey there, JarettS.


Thanks for joining us on the community!~


Great question you pose! And a good one to answer too. = )


Usually denser is better, especially when talking about MLV (which stands for Mass Loaded Vinyl, just fyi for everyone). These are usually used underneath a rebond pad to provide extra sound proofing, or as a substrate for other types of flooring.


The padding that you posted up from our website is a very decent pad for doing just that. We also have the Healthier Choice Platinum Plus Pad that provides great sound absorption too, with an IIC rating of 80. It also comes in at 3/8 thick, so it's probably your nicest and thickest choice out of the pads available.


The second one you posted is quite expensive, I'll agree. It looks like it has decent ratings, but they aren't the highest I've ever seen.


As far as a less expensive and easier way of soundproofing, you could also put in a cork subfloor to help as well. We sell the cork both in rolls as well as sheets. You can set it over your current subfloor using Roberts Cork Underlayment Adhesive. You can then put your padding on top of this and cover with your carpet for the best sound detonation possible.


Hopefully this brings a couple of extra ideas to the table for you and helps get the project started. If you have any other questions, feel free to reply back and let us know!~ = )


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Posted 2012-03-23T15:04:43+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks for the reply. I would have to remove my hardwood floor to put the cork down though right? That would be a lot of work/debris/$.


You would recommend this carpet pad:


Healthier Choice Platinum Plus Pad


over this one:


just wondering why? let me know, im curious. the second one is 20lb density so i would assume it is better for sound isolation. 


and this one is most dense one that you sell but its pretty expensive. i would assume that this one is the best:



thanks again

Posted 2012-03-23T17:24:00+0000  by JarettS

Ah, it's going over the hardwood...didn't realize that. Well then scratch the cork because yes, it would have to go down either in lieu of the hardwood or directly on top of it, both of which im sure aren't your prime choices.


That being said, I'll amend my reason for recommending the foam padding. While the 20 lb. pad is going to have the density factor working for it, I can't give you an actual number for any kind of sound transmission rating on it. I contacted the vendor for the Performance Rubber, but couldn't located an exact number on it, where as I could at least get a hold of an IIC rating for the Healthier Choice (of which it gets a pretty decent rating). Also, I've never personally worked with the RubberStep or Superior Rubber padding before, so I can't speak from personal experience on them.


I will tell you though, and especially now that you've mentioned that it's going over hardwood, that rubber is not a good choice for that. Depending on what chemicals are in the rubber, they have been known to react adversely with the urethane finish on the hardwood floor below, or even end up sticking to it in some cases.


Even if you were to go with the 3/8 padding that I mentioned, or even a 7/16 rebond still have about 3/4" of material to deaden the sound out as well. I can't honestly imagine much sound getting all the way through that, so the last thing I would want to see is you waste money on a padding that may not be 100% necessary.

Posted 2012-03-23T18:43:30+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Great. Thanks for the advice. I did not know that about rubber pads and hardwood. 


Hey, 1 off topic question if i may. Is there a way to be emailed when there are any responses to threads that you create on the HD forums? I cant seem to find an option anywhere in my account settings. 



Thanks again

Posted 2012-03-23T20:07:46+0000  by JarettS

Not a problem = ) Reason I mentioned it and that it jumped into my head so quickly is because we actually had that happen with a shopper at my store not too long ago. Her rubberized area rug padding actually discolored her hardwood underneath and it became quite a project trying to get it back to normal after that.


And yes, there certainly is an option for doing that. If you look towards the middle of the browser window when you've scrolled all the way up, you'll see the user info bar with the My Settings option ...or what I've pointed to in the picture here--




After getting to that screen, look for the tab that says Subscriptions & Bookmarks. From there, make sure that the first box I point to is checked, and that the radio button for either immediate or default is ticked....this will alert you every time you have a topic replied to that either you created or that you've posted in.

Posted 2012-03-23T20:20:02+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Cool thanks. I dont really care about discoloration of the wood because im not going to be taking out the carpet ever so rubber would still an option for me. Im not just doing an area rug. Im carpeting my whole apt. 


Also I dont have that option. I only have:


Maybe thats cause Im a NOOB. I see your status is "Silver" and i'm "Foundation" :(

Posted 2012-03-23T21:09:01+0000  by JarettS

Yea, we have our forum set up so that you get different permissions depending on how active you are. To be completely honest, some of them are even a mystery to me as I haven't quite reached the plateau shall we say, of our forum here. = )


It works on an invisible counter of sorts, and you get points for posting, tagging, giving and receiving Nailed It.PNG Nailed It's, amongst other things. It's a pretty neat idea and one that hopefully makes posting here a bit more fun than on the average forum. We already have a couple of members that have ranked up a bit, namely one of our user diy guru's ordjen, who has reached Home level.


Try this other way if you would then... Go into your Preferences tab and look for a similar option, should say:


"Automatically subscribe me to topics I participate in"


Make sure that's checked off next to it...


I'm glad to see that you've been checking back in regularly on this topic though. I hope to hear from from you on our community here and hopefully you can share your knowledge with the rest of our users as well. Feel free to chime in whenever you can and don't hesitate to ask if you ever need anything!~ = )



Posted 2012-03-23T21:34:29+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks but I dont have that option either.

Posted 2012-03-23T22:04:30+0000  by JarettS

A rug or carpet pad reduces noise by preventing any weight to sink through the carpet or rug and touch the floor. So, the best noise reduction rug or carpet pad is one that is dense enough to resist common weight from penetrating through to the floor.

There is a 40 ounce felt jute rug and carpet pad that is rated as one of the best noise reduction rug pads for the reason that it is one of the most dense rug pads available. This is an excellent choise to reduce noise on any type of hard floor under either area rugs or carpet. For Superior felt noise reduction rug pad, click here:

Posted 2012-08-18T11:26:15+0000  by Rugpadman

yea i know all that stuff. im looking for CARPET padding. 

Posted 2012-08-18T18:12:55+0000  by JarettS
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