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Any Alternatives To Salt For Ice-Melt?

Well known for absorbing moisture from interior rooms but not really a "new" product, Damp Rid is not well known as an ice-melt alternative to rock salt.


In a recent post, Duncan started a thread about ways to make snow and ice removal easier. The thread includes information about using Damp Rid as an alternative to rock salt for melting ice; which is one among several recommended uses according to the manufacturer.


Have a look and add your ice-melt ideas to the thread!


SPECIAL NOTE: the small plastic spackling knife (also in the Paint Department) works really well as an ice scraper for windshields!

Key word - PLASTIC (as opposed to metal).


Happy New Year!

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Posted 2010-12-30T15:55:32+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL