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Any idea what this is? Help - St. Augustine Grass

Anyone know what this is? It keeps popping up growing on / around the blades of grass in my St. Augustine.  When I kick it or spray it with a hose it bursts and what appears to be dark dust flys out.  Grass blades look almost charred after it's gone.




What Is It



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Posted 2012-05-29T02:03:20+0000  by JBryant JBryant

Hi again JBryant,


Thank you for the additional information.  Yep, you have a fungus for sure, not a mushroom.  With fungi, you will need to use a fungicide.  Avoid disturbing the fungus pod so that you will not spread any more of the fungus spores.  I would recommend carefully removing as many of the pods as you can locate.  Careful place the pods in a zip lock back and dispose the bag in your regular trash receptacle if you have a separated trash pickup with your city.  Since product availability will be different depending on your location, check with your local Home Depot Garden Specialist for recommendations.  To be effective, you will want to use liquid based fungicide.  


Fungicide Safer Garden Fungicide.jpgFungicide for St. Augustine-IMAGE.jpg


To help avoid cross contamination as you are removing the fungus pods, wipe your cutting tool after each cut with a diluted bleach mixture, about 3 tbls per 32 oz. bottle.  You will want to cover your shoes with a disposable shoe covering available in the paint department.   This will also help to prevent spreading the spores to your front yard.


                            Shoe Covering.jpgShoe Covering by the box-Trimaco.jpg

Best Answer

Posted 2012-06-01T18:19:07+0000  by Rick_HD_OC

Hi JBryant,


You may have a variety of dusty Mushroom/Fungi, which, like other mushrooms/fungi will spread by spores; that is the dust that you see when you spray them with the hose or kick them.  The dust may be harmful to you so do not breath it!  Mushrooms usually appear after about 2 inches of rain or just lots of watering. I would recommend carefully removing the mushroom and placing it in a plastic bag and throwing it into your black trash receptacle if you have different trash pickups in your area.  The black trash can is usually for non-recyclable items.  


I can get a more specific identification for you if you can provide me with a little more information.  What state do you live in?  Is there a stem on this mushroom/fungus?


 I also noticed that your St. Augustine grass looks like it could use a sharper blade on the lawn mower.  A dull blade will give you that ripped look on the tips of the grass blades. 


Let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Posted 2012-05-29T19:24:51+0000  by Rick_HD_OC

Thanks for the info Rick!


I live in Texas and there is no stem.  I was able to grab another one that had simply encased these blades of grass in the picture below.  This is the whole thing and there was nothing left after pulling these blades out.


Thanks for the info on the mower blades - I will get them sharpened ASAP!  :-)


Posted 2012-05-30T23:06:37+0000  by JBryant
Thanks for all the help!
Posted 2012-06-01T20:42:23+0000  by JBryant
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