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Any ideas to create a better portable fireplace indoors?

I created an indoor portable fireplace long ago back in my community college days for fun. I am thinking about making a newer version of it and was looking for some ideas from others to make it look better or more efficent.623.JPG

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Posted 2013-05-07T03:08:52+0000  by emily12doer emily12doer

Beautiful idea Emily!


Improve efficiency using a wider burner or several burners to spread the flame under more stones ... larger surface area (more hot stones) creates more efficient heat transfer.



Flames are created using fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source ... and flames can create carbon monoxide as a by-product of the burn.


In a closed room (or tent), oxygen is depleted and carbon monoxide builds up over time.


Without proper ventilation, this can create a suffocation hazard and/or cause carbon monoxide poisoning to anyone in this space for long periods of time.


Prevent this hazard by opening windows to cross-ventilate your room ... replacing lost oxygen and allowing carbon monoxide to escape the room.

Posted 2013-05-07T13:17:51+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks for the tips. Wide burner will really be  very useful to spread the warmness in th room. But you need to even look for he safety whether the flame wont harm any stuff.


I found these safety measures that you should take care off:-

1. Whether you have a wood burning or gas fireplace, get your chimney inspected annually by a certified chimney specialist.


2. Make sure the mantel and area around the hearth is clear of debris, decorations and combustible materials.


3. Keep an eye on small children when a fire is burning, and keep them away from fireplace tools. Consider installing a childproof fireplace gate.


4. Never leave a fire unattended. Remember to put it out before leaving the house or going to bed.


5. Install smoke detectors on every floor of your house as well as inside and outside of bedrooms.


6. If your wood-burning fireplace has glass doors, leave them open when burning a fire. This helps ensure that the fire receives enough air and prevents creosote-a gummy substance created during the burning process-from building up in the chimney.


7. When the glass doors are open, make sure the metal mesh screen is closed. This will help contain the embers.


8. Never start a fire with flammable liquids. Never burn trash, debris or cardboard boxes.


9. Avoid using soft, moist wood, which accelerates the buildup of creosote. Use seasoned hardwood instead.


10. If you have an unvented gas fireplace, make sure you open at least one window for air circulation.

Posted 2013-05-24T09:36:42+0000  by ZoeAmiet

Outstanding Detail Zoe!


You have, once again, demonstrated the value of shared knowledge!


Multiple thoughts, all of which are pertinent.


If followed, your ideas will certainly improve efficiency, but most importantly will improve safety.


Thanks for the contribution!

Posted 2013-06-04T13:21:46+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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