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Apartment living and hanging curtains

I currently live in a rental home and am not permitted to install a curtain rod and drapes using the traditional nail. I don't think command strips will be sturdy enough, and the window itself has slatted blinds arranged such that a tension rod is not possible. Any suggestions?
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Posted 2012-05-04T17:17:38+0000  by Warrenm Warrenm
Hey Warrenm,

Paul's idea to build a frame that is hidden by the curtains would be the easiest to install without damage to the existing walls.

His freestanding curtain rod seems even easier.

But in either case, make certain the feet are wide enough to prevent the curtain holder from tipping forward into the room.
Posted 2015-11-12T18:06:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Please check out our curtain clip that attaches to existing mini blinds. The head rail can be one inch or larger.

The clip slides over head rail, so curtain brackets slide in - so need for nails, screws, tools or holes in walls! 

Curtains hung in less than a couple minutes.

Posted 2015-11-06T01:46:55+0000  by cyncloud

You could also deliberately "Not" use 3M Command Hooks like they are suppose to be used.

Simply lay them flat and use them like "door wedges" between the aluminum "blind box" at the top of the window and the top of the window frame.

The 3M Command hooks are wedge shaped, thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom, so pushing them in "wedges" them in place and the stay put by friction. The "Hook" part then "curls" up and over whatever you place in them. I then push them a little further in to "lock" the curtain rood in place against the window.

I could use adhesive or hot glue, I guess.. but nothing short of an earthquake is going to move them.

For a 40 inch window, I only had to use two, slightly spaced closer to the center because the ends are rigidly fastened to the corners of the window frame. But the blind box is made of aluminum and flexes the closer to the center it gets.

These curtains conveniently had built-in fabric whoops that the curtain rod slipped through and laid nearly flat against the window. the tiny part of the 3M hook that stood out was easily masked by a fabric bunch and barely noticeable.

The curtain rod was also extensible.. so I pulled it out both ways to extend beyond the frame of the window.

These form mini-shelves.. so virtually any kind of curtain rood or valance could be supported, limited only by the strength of the blind box boxes hardware in the corners.. which tends to be pretty sturdy.

Posted 2014-07-20T10:50:35+0000  by jwillis

Welcome to our community Gabby92!


Thank you for your question! Technically speaking, you can use the window tint you mentioned on your patio door. However, it is only 2 feet wide, meaning you will have to put up multiple pieces on a single piece of glass, which, again, you can technically do. You will have to contend with the lines where the film ends and the next piece begins.


If you have anymore questions, please let us know!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-07-17T18:56:51+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL



Could I use the Gila Ultra Shield Max Limo Window Tint on my sliding door glass windows in my apartment? 

Posted 2013-07-15T02:32:14+0000  by gabby92

I also like the free standing curtain rods. Here you have to construct the structure to hang these curtains but it also means that they can be easily transportable to other places.

Posted 2013-03-12T15:03:27+0000  by belmanliving
Um, you build it. Simply galvanized pipe sold in the pipe and fittings aisle of your friendly neighborhood Home Depot. Usually, that aisle is in the center of the store.
Posted 2013-03-10T08:18:14+0000  by Paul

I like the free standing curtain rod idea. I want to make a curtain room divider for my living room, because I cannot drill holes on the wall or ceiling to hang traditional curtain rods. My living room is 12 ft wide. The free standing rod shown in the picture may not extend that wide. I am thinking about getting two free standing poles and place them on the two ends of my living room, then tie a wire on top of the two poles as curtain rail/rod. The problem is to find such free standing poles. Any ideas? Don't tell me to get two floor lamps. lol  By the way, anyone know where the free standing rod shown in the pic is sold?

Posted 2013-03-09T06:05:00+0000  by bosangel

You could also use any rope for hanging curtains & drapes.Even in this way you could easily inatalled your curtain & drapes in your new home. So just go fo it.


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Posted 2013-01-08T06:40:22+0000  by alenpark

Posted 2012-10-22T01:38:35+0000  by thestewie
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