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Apartment living and hanging curtains

I currently live in a rental home and am not permitted to install a curtain rod and drapes using the traditional nail. I don't think command strips will be sturdy enough, and the window itself has slatted blinds arranged such that a tension rod is not possible. Any suggestions?
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Posted 2012-05-04T17:17:38+0000  by Warrenm Warrenm
Please check out our curtain clip that attaches to existing mini blinds. The head rail can be one inch or larger.

The clip slides over head rail, so curtain brackets slide in - so need for nails, screws, tools or holes in walls! 

Curtains hung in less than a couple minutes.

Posted 2015-11-06T01:46:55+0000  by cyncloud
Hey Warrenm,

Paul's idea to build a frame that is hidden by the curtains would be the easiest to install without damage to the existing walls.

His freestanding curtain rod seems even easier.

But in either case, make certain the feet are wide enough to prevent the curtain holder from tipping forward into the room.
Posted 2015-11-12T18:06:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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