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Applying carpet tiles to painted wood floors & what happens when you remove them?

I just got my first apartment and found that the landlord has painted all the wood floors. They really don't look that good--there's scuff marks, chips, and a bunch of other markings all over them. Unfortunately, he won't let me do anything with them so, I feel the only option I have left is to cover it with some carpeting. If I use the self adhesive carpet tiles, can I safely remove them later without taking paint off the floor or making it worse than it already is?

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Posted 2013-05-24T17:34:23+0000  by DamianBifano DamianBifano

Buy some area rugs.  I saw a pretty good size remenant outside a Home Depot for about $35.


You won't get the carpet tiles up without damaging the paint.

Posted 2013-05-25T00:43:12+0000  by Adam444

I thought about getting an area rug but I ran into a bit of a problem. The room is about 9x12 but one of the corners is cut off at and angle so it's not a perfect rectangle. I don't want to spend a few hundred bucks on a rug just to take a knife to it. That being said I think the only option I have left is to get a roll and cut it? I wont be able to secure it down like any other carpet but I think it will stay put if I throw some furniture on it, right?

Posted 2013-05-25T01:02:24+0000  by DamianBifano

Hey DamianBifano,


You don't have to spend a lot of money to carpet the room...especially when you can save a lot of money and make your own.




Simply buy carpet we sell in-stock at your nearest Home Depot that is in 12' wide rolls. We can cut it to a 9 foot section, and you can trim what you need off at your apartment.


Having it stay put is extrememly easy, simply use traction tape to help hold it down. This is not a tape that uses adhesive down on the floor, but rather an anti-skid material.


The other side of the tape will adhere to the new rug, but it won't leave a messy residue on the wood floor. Best of all, any rug or carpet WON'T slide or move around once the tape is put down.


This tape is sold in our flooring department, and works very well for situations like yours.

Rug Traction Anti-Slip Rubber Tape

Since the carpet that is cut down will have exposed edges, you can simply tuck the edges over itself and glue/staple it over itself to give you a cleaner appearance. We do sell carpet runner edging in our store as well, but these only come in 3' long strips and can be time-consuming to install.


So in short, use a piece of our in-stock carpet, cut it down yourself and use traction tape underneath it. At the end of your lease, the only thing left behind will be the bad floors that the landlord left behind before you lived there :-)


Let me know if you have any addtional questions on this, and I can answer them for you.




Posted 2013-05-25T18:00:52+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks a bunch for the advice!!!


Would a pair of everyday scissors be enough to cut the carpet? Or do I have to take one of my culinary knives to it...?  XD

Posted 2013-05-27T05:43:30+0000  by DamianBifano

Hey its no problem at all!


I'm not a big fan of using scissors to cut carpet, since the carpet you choose may be too thick to give it an accurate snip.


I would say though to use a utility or carpet grade knife, shown below.

Slotted-Blade Carpet Knife

Once you have this knife, cut your lines straight using a straight edge. This could be a level or a piece of straight lumber.


You'd be out less than 5 bucks on this purchase, and you now have an everyday blade to cut things, so you don't have to kill your culinary knifes!


Let us know your progress on your new floor!




Posted 2013-06-01T12:24:50+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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