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Are Plants Treated with Neonic Pesticides

I purchased several Salvia Nemorosa "Blue Hill" plants with the Plant ID #THDD3430.  None of these plants have tags indicating that the plant was treated with neon's, but there is a warning on the label that the plant is "not for human or animal consumption.  We have several honeybee hives and the bees are attracted to these plants.  How can I know for sure if these plants have been treated or not?
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Posted 2015-08-18T19:36:51+0000  by susanlydem susanlydem
Hey susanlydem.

Let me say that I, as a horticulturalist, environmentalist and tree hugger, share the same concerns with you. The use of these chemicals are very concerning to The Home Depot and we have been taking the steps to try and get all the growers to stop using or at least limit the use of these chemicals.

We are a company that loves our honeybees, environment and our customers. This is why we do all that we can, like not selling any genetically modified seeds or vegetable plants. Where we cant make the plant growers not use these chemicals, we have made them put tags in any plant that has had these neonic pesticides have touched. I have seen these tags in the plants that have been sprayed and have found the large majority to be evergreen, non-blooming plants.Im not saying that this matters, I still want them gone but it did make me feel better for the bees.

Here is an article I found a long time ago. It was written in June of 2014. A short time after the link to these chemicals and colony collapse were discovered.

Here at Home Depot, we continue the fight to get these chemicals gone.

I love to hear from people that share the same concerns as my company and I. I also appreciate that you arm yourself with the knowledge by doing such research. Where are you writing from?

If your plant did not have this white tag in it stating that "these plants have been treated with Noenic pesticides" then they were not sprayed.

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Posted 2015-08-20T19:37:27+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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