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Are We Running Out of Room for Our Garbage?

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Unless we are able to find a better alternative to disposing of our trash such as recycling it or as Sweden has done, turn it into an energy source that is non-polluting, we only have a limited amount of room to bury our waste material.

Simply burning our trash is not the answer as it can lead to air pollution unless strict guidelines are followed.  Sweden does present an excellent precedent as they are able to recycle 99% of their waste material.  But even if they are using eco-friendly methods when burning their trash, there are still toxic fumes that are produce that makes the wide scale use of this more advanced method still unacceptable.


It will take a firm cooperative commitment of all people and a heroic effort industry to put a viable recycling program into effect.   In the United States we only recycle approximately 34% of our waste, in contrast to Sweden, who recycles 99% of its trash. We can and should do better.  More than 50% of all household waste ends up in a landfill. 


Our view of waste must be changed.  According to the Swedish Waste Management communications director Anna-Carin, “Waste today is a commodity that needs to be viewed differently than it has been in the past.  It is not only waste, it is a business”.



Sweden has become so adept at recycling waste that it now imports 800,000 tons of trash each year from the U.K., Italy, Ireland and Norway to keep their WTE plants (waste-to-energy program) up and running.


In America we need to inspire each other to strive to produce zero to minimal waste.  There are small pockets of people who are trying not to produce any waste such as The Chicago restaurant  “Sandwich Me In” that has produced zero waste as of May 2014 and they have a profitable business.


Industry needs to get onto the bandwagon as well and start producing less waste and more recyclable materials.  Americans will then need to respond by recycling these materials properly and not throwing everything into the trash as I have witness too often in my neighborhood on trash day.  



Burning trash may not be the answer trash since waste is still waste once you burn it and change its form into another toxic chemical.  Nor is using our oceans as a trash dump, but having biodegradable and recyclable materials I believe, is the answer.


Let’s not put our efforts into digging deeper holes to bury our trash but rather let’s dig deeper into creative minds to encourage the creation of an ecologically friendly method to dealing with our every growing trash issues.



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Posted 2015-03-06T23:13:21+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC