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Are laminate floors appropriate for bathrooms and kitchens?

Id like to know if I can use the same laminate floor in the whole apartment, bath and kitchen included...Considering that the bathrooms floor gets wet alot, is laminate a good idea?


Thanks!!! :)

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Posted 2014-01-18T19:52:57+0000  by Flami Flami

Hey Flami,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


I, for one, am not a big fan of laminate flooring for rooms that are in constant contact with water (kitchen and bathrooms).


Just like anything you buy in life, there will be cheaper materials versus more expensive ones. With that said, I've seen our older (no longer sold with us) DuPont and current Pergo XP laminates work very well in these situations.


As long you purchase a high quality laminate, install it correctly (this includes sealing the trim moulding and transition strips to prevent water from entering), you can have a high quality laminate floor that will last.


I personally prefer using a vinyl based plank product that installs just the same as laminate and looks like it. We carry several types in our store, Allure and Allure Ultra. The latter is actually just as thick if not thicker than some laminate models and has a residential lifetime warranty!


Since vinyl is water-resistant, it won't warp be as susceptible to damage as its laminate counterparts. Both float over the existing floor/subfloor, allowing for ease of installation. Another benefit of vinyl is that it acts as its own underlayment, something that laminate floors require (sometimes an extra install step).


You can click on the images of both Allure and Allure Ultra to find out more information.




Really the best way to compare & contrast floors is to come down to your local Home Depot and see and touch the samples of floors yourself. View the prices to see which one would work best for you.


In my opinion, you can go with vinyl plank floor throughout your home. But at the minimum, use it for your kitchen and full bathroom floors.


Let me know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2014-01-18T20:31:17+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I wouldn't use a laminate in a bathroom, there's just too much water around that can damage the laminate.  Unfortunately the only repair for water damaged laminate is replacement of damaged planks.


I would consider it in a kitchen, especially if there are responsible adults in the house who understand that water can't sit on the surface.  Some of the manufacturers (Armstrong is one) that suggest using a bead of glue along the tongue of the plank in wet areas, which greatly reduces the chance of water damage.  For something like a kitchen, I would probably go that route.  

Posted 2014-01-19T01:01:36+0000  by Adam444
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