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Are your pre-made mailbox posts made to post office regulation?

I am considering a premade wooden mailbox post and was wondering if they are built according to post office guidelines?
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Posted 2018-04-15T19:35:33+0000  by Naperville Naperville
Hello and thanks for your question.

I am not a Home Depot employee but I have installed many of Home Depot's premade mailbox posts.

All the mailbox posts sold at Home Depot can be mounted to proper height and setback from the road. Some of the premade wooden posts can be installed but not to a full 2' deep or they will be too short, likewise, if they are mounted on a steel post stake, they may have to be cut shorter so they are not too tall.

Here are the guidelines:

The front edge of the mounted mailbox opening must be 41"-45" above the curb or road edge and 6"-8" back from the roadway. This keeps them from getting knocked by an errant drivers side view mirror and makes it so the delivery person doesn't have to reach too high, low or forward to insert your mail into the box.

My business actually does mailbox installations in Naperville and the suburbs of Chicago and you are welcome to contact us at 630-215-7343 or online at for a quote to install your mailbox purchase or have us create a custom mailbox post for installation.
Posted 2018-04-15T19:45:45+0000  by MailboxFast
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