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Asbestos Tile Under Carpet

I'm currently removing old carpet in my dinning room and kitchen and found that I have asbestos tile underneath. I don't want to remove the tile but have to remove the padding and adhesive from the old carpet that was on top of the tile. Should I be concerned about removing the padding and adhesive that is on top of the tile?

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Posted 2013-06-16T06:36:32+0000  by fishtal fishtal

Hey fishtal,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Yes, I would most definitely be concerned regarding removal of padding/adhesive or any material stuck to asbestos tiles.


Typically, this type of removal is something done by an abatement company. However, you can do what is called encapsulation, or covering up the floor with floor leveling compound.


If you do decide to remove this yourself, be EXTREMELY careful during the removal process so as not to risk you or your family's health. Any asbestos that become airborne during the adhesive removal can get into your lungs and get trapped  there permanently.


We have many posts/threads here on the community dealing with interactions with asbestos tiles. Here is one that is very useful, a must read for your situation.


With that said, if you are carefully remove the adhesive and padding without damaging the tiles, it is possible...........but without risking your health if you are unsure, you can contact an abatement company who can safely and effectively remove all layers of your old floor off.


Let us know if you have any addtional questions regarding your floor.



Posted 2013-06-22T19:51:32+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



Thanks a lot. I was very careful when removing the padding and adhesive by keeping it damp. I eventually picked up a can of Adhesive Remover for the toufg sopts, it worked great. As I mentioned, the tiles were in pretty good shape with only two small places that were chipped, about 1"x2".


I'm now in the proces of painting it with Behr 1-part Epoxy floor paint and it seems to be working just fine. It is a bit challenging since it is the kitchen so I'm doing it in stages in order to have access to my fridge. My cats don't like being isolated away from this side of the house so I've been doing it in the eveing so it has time to dry while sleep.




Posted 2013-06-22T20:08:41+0000  by fishtal

You are quite welcome Tal,


I hope you were wearing eye and breathing protection when you were doing this....even trace amounts of asbestos can get trapped into your lungs.


Since you practically asked this question already on another post, I'll give you the link to it here.


That way, you don't have to keep going from one thread to the other to get the answers.


Keep playing it safe, and let us know your progress on your new floors!



Posted 2013-06-22T20:18:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Yes, I wore a mask and kept the floor wet while working on it. :)

Posted 2013-06-22T21:15:13+0000  by fishtal
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