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I was at Home Depot store #0918 on Ryders Lane in Milltown, NJ twice today. The first time I spoke with Mike and someone else who I can't recall their name. The first person wasn't a plumbing guy but quickly pointed me in the right direction, and found me Mike. Mike had all the answers I needed, and told me if what he said didn't work, to take a picture and come back. Well, it didn't work so I came back with a picture on my phone. I saw Mike again but before I did, I found another associate in the plumbing department who was very knowledgeable, but said he hadn't done the exact thing I was doing and wanted to get someone who would definitely know. He also brought me to Mike who answered my question, and now my Dryer is working! The TEAM as a whole was super helpful. The person at the Returns desk processed my return quickly and was sweet as pie, and the cashiers are always very nice and pleasant. I really enjoy shopping at HD for these, and many more, reasons. Even with the COVID-19 crap happening, every team member I encountered was very helpful and nice. Thank you for what you all do!!! I really hope this makes it to the store so they know what the do really is appreciated.
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Posted 2020-09-05T21:15:19+0000  by RobertInzano RobertInzano
I was at the Laguna Niguel store, #1077.  I needed what I thought was a washer for something for a lamp.  Robert in Electrical not only showed me what parts I really needed, he even took the time to fix it for me, (something I wouldn't have been able to do).  He also pointed out that it was rewired incorrectly which could have resulted in an electrical short or fire hazard.  Robert explained what he was doing and was patiently answering my questions.  All in all, he is an employee that went way above and beyond and I'm grateful.  Plus my lamp looks great!
Posted 2020-09-07T18:47:55+0000  by LAJ
Hello Robertinzano & LAJ, welcome to the Community!

All of the employees are working very hard to serve your needs and be safe at the same time during this pandemic. Since you made a purchase at that Home Depot, hopefully you still have your receipt, you can go online to fill out a survey about that store or a employee that helped you. At the bottom of your receipt you will find USER ID & PASSWORD (see picture below), that info needs to be entered at a website and input the info they are asking for and at some point you can enter the name of the persons that helped you. 

Be well,
Posted 2020-09-10T14:24:05+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hi GiveMeABreak,

I am sorry for your unfortunate experience. Staffing and hours have been reduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If a sales person stayed around waiting for a return call from a customer, as many say they will do, we would have hundreds of hours of overtime.The sad fact is many do not call back and never complete the sale.

In regards to your credit card, company policy is for the card to be present at the time of purchase, this is to prevent fraud and assure the transaction is accurate and safe. We limit phone sales to a maximum of $500.00, this is for regular customers who have a history of doing business with the store.

Special orders started at one store must be completed at that store, this is to assure accurate and complete orders and to minimize the number of associates involved to limit errors and confusion with the order. Since you had been working on this quote for some time it just makes sense to complete it at the store where you started it. Stores cannot access special orders started at another store.

If you wish to cancel your card just call the number on the back side. The pandemic has resulted in frayed nerves and extra pressure on sales associates, so again I am sorry for your unfortunate experience and hope you will consider shopping at the Home Depot in the future.


Posted 2020-09-10T19:07:13+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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