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Associate reccommendations

I recently went into Home Depot to purchase some paint for my home, specifically Behr, which was recently reccommended to me by some other people. I have no real issue with the quality of the paint however the store associate told me I would need 4 gallons to complete the job in question.


As it turned out, I only needed two gallons. I brought them back in to return and was told by the paint department and the customer service desk they are not returnable. This was after I had explained I bought 4 based on their reccommendations.


Now I am stuck with two gallons of paint I can't do anything with. Why would HD employ people that are not knowledgable in their departments?

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Posted 2013-03-19T00:29:20+0000  by JBrad0322 JBrad0322




A Home Depot associate makes a  good faith estimate using such information which is supplied to him/her. Obviously, the associate has not actually seen the area to be painted.There are many factors which determine the amount of paint to be required.: What are the room dimensions? Are the existing walls well sealed with a quality paint?  How dramatic a color change is being made? Is the existing paint in the same general color family? And so forth. Of these factors, only the dimensions are  relatively certain sight unseen.


Quite frankly, as a lifelong painting contractor, even having seen the actual job, I made occasional over estimates. As my estimates always included the price of the materials,  this was my loss.  This is why people hire contractors - to provide expert service.


Given any doubt, my recommendation  is to buy the amount deemed neccessary for one coat. If the results are satisfactory, fine. If a second coat is required, in most cases it is usually not too far to the nearest HD for more paint.


I also encourage customers to buy the paint  samples, not only to audition the color chosen, but to get a good idea if the color will cover in one coat.


Just a few words to explain what the associate faces in assisting the customer.

Posted 2013-03-19T05:17:26+0000  by ordjen

Thanks for reaching out, JBrad0322.

As the other poster advised, the paint associates do try  to advise how much paint would be needed for a project & while it is correct that we do not accept returns on mixed paint, I do understand your frustration and can speak with the store team about this to see if they can work something out to resolve this for you.

Please email your contact information, store location purchased from & please remind me you posted on the How To Community.

Thank you very much.

Posted 2013-03-19T15:47:33+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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