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Attaching Cable Wire to Drywall

I live in a renovated building and the landlord do not want Comcast to nail their cable to the baseboard, wood door molding or along the floor.  We have drywall instead of plastered and when Comcast installer nailed the "cable hooks" the popped out of the wall.


Anybody got a better solution?



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Posted 2011-01-01T22:25:02+0000  by miwi98 miwi98

Hey miwi98.


This is greengiant and I have the perfect no nail option for you. There is a great product in my electrical department for exactly this type thing. A manufacturer called Wiremold makes products for hiding wires by running them through channels that stick to your walls with 2 sided tape. This product is very useful in the fact that you can get elbows,T's, or any other connectors you could possibly need, and because they come in different shapes and sizes it can hide any wire from any application.


Draw up a diagram of where we need to run these wires and come in and see my electrician where they will get you fixed up with every thing you need. You can even paint this product, which will make it even more invisible, so bring in your paint color and have my guys mix you up a quart of paint to complete this project.


This project will take you less than an hour and will give you plenty of spare time to enjoy watching football. Thanks for your question and happy new year.




Posted 2011-01-02T13:28:28+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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