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Attaching inexpensive paneling to concrete basement walls

I am doing a quick finishing job on a semi-finished basement in our rental home.  I am looking at using an inexpensive 1/4 inch hardboard paneling on the poured concrete walls.  Short of having to frame the walls, are there any alternatives to attaching the paneling?  The basement is dry and heated.  Would an industrial strength epoxy work?  Just looking for something that is effective and inexpensive.  Thanks!

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Posted 2013-01-15T01:56:51+0000  by bobbyj bobbyj

 Greetings Bobbyj, and Welcome to the How-To-Community!!!


When it comes to hanging paneling on a concrete wall the best way to do this is to frame the wall out with 1x3 furring strips.  Using these strips will help level out the wall in case the wall has any imperfections on it.  It will also make the overall appearance of the paneling look a lot better.  These furring strips should be spaced out 16” on center.  These can be attached to the concrete with regular concrete screws since they will be hidden behind the paneling. When you go to hang your paneling it is recommended to use finishing nails.  These can be nailed right into the furring strip.


If you notice that the paneling isn’t lining up straight, you can put some shims behind the furring strips to level out the wood to the wall.


If you run into any problems, or have any questions please feel free to write back!!!!



Posted 2013-01-15T16:13:38+0000  by FlyingHDsod
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