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AttiCat Blown-in Insulation Reduces Fuel Cost and Improves Comfort


If you've been waiting for a simple blown-in insulation THIS IS IT.


I recently purchased Owens Corning AttiCat expanding blown-in insulation at my store and when I purchased ten bundles, the rental on the shredder/blower was free.


Transporting the blower and ten bundles may have been the most complex part of the job. I was just able to carry the bundles and blower inside my full-size SUV.


On-site the blower rolled around easily and the 100 feet of hose went from the garage, up two sets of stairs, and into the attic with about 25 feet of hose to spare ... plenty of hose to reach the far corners of almost any attic.


My son worked in the garage cutting the bales in half and "feeding" them into the shredder/blower, while I was in the attic blowing the shredded insulation with the hose. I was able to quickly add more than ten inches of insulation over the entire attic.


The output was so constant that I was able to insulate my home, then load and move the equipment about 4 miles away where we insulated another home, and was still able to return the blower to Tool Rental in less than four hours. EASY!


Although I noticed an immediate reduction in my utility bills, I believe the real benefit was the improved comfort inside my home.


I was so impressed with the results that I purchased and dispensed AttiCat blown-in insulation into my Dad's attic as well. And, like me, he mentioned an immediate reduction in his utility bills and improved comfort in his home.


As simple as this combination is to use, every DIYer should re-insulate their home for both comfort and savings.


NOTE: Place a 9 x 12, 2-mil drop cloth under the blower before beginning. Although there is very little mess, it will make quick clean-up of the few remnants from this process.


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Posted 2012-11-08T16:40:41+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL