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I want to install insulation in my  attic can you tell me the best way to do that. And does it take a long time> I am new at this I have never done t before or any home repairs far as that is concerned. And should I add insulation to the upper part of the attic as well

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Posted 2011-03-19T18:57:34+0000  by missice2003 missice2003

Hey there missice2003,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I did a post similar to yours a few months regarding insulation. They needed something a little different so I won't repost it but the tool and easiest way is IMO  using a blown-in insulation machine. We rent them out at any Home Depot that has a Tool Rental department, we even had another version at an older store I worked for that didn't have a Tool Rental department. Most stores should have the brand AttiCat as the one they rent out, and its the easiest one I have seen out there for anyone to use. Using this way of insulation, you can save time and money rather than getting too up close and personal with the rolls of insulation, and you still are insulating your attic.



Generally, one person can do this, but I recommend having the machine down on the regular house floor and having the 2nd person actually in the attic blowing in the insulation so you can have better control over the machine.


I recommend the blowing-in method vs. the rolled (known as kraft-faced or pink) insulation IF your attic has issues with accessibility, tight areas, and you simply need more insulation in more areas. Check with your local Home Depot and speak to an associate in our building materials department and they can set you up with the materials, and then head out to the Tool Rental Center, where we can get you set up with rental.

Best of all, most stores will give you a FREE rental if you buy a certain amount of insulation bags! So check with your local Home Depot and see if they have that same deal for you.


Remember you'll need weekend long sleeved clothes, a dust mask, and goggles when working with any insulation.


From everything I have heard from my customers over the years, from do-it-yourselfers and contractors, the blown-in method saves time and money over standard kraft-faced insulation. Just be sure to cover up any areas with plastic or sheeting that need to 'breathe' like soffit covers or near the heating/cooling units if they are there in the attic then remove after using the blower. 


As for the upper parts of the attic, you can install insulation if you wish, but the key here is covering the 'floor' of the attic as effectively as possible to ensure you'll help keep your power bills down.


I have included some links below for you to choose and decide how much and what kind of  insulation you need for your project.


Basic Insulation Guide


This link below is for the Atticat, and at the bottom of the page has a handy how-to video!


Atticat Blown-In Insulation System


The link below talks about basic steps in choosing the right insulation for your attic.


Attic Insulation Guide



Please let me know if this helps you out, and let us know on the community if we can help you again!



EDIT: how-to cover up soffits

Posted 2011-03-19T20:42:09+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey there missice2003, ChrisFixit here. I did this exact same project last November for a friend and just wanted to share a couple of pointers I picked up. I had never used the blow in insulation and we did both his mothers house and his so I learned over the course of the day what worked well and what didn't.



  • Check the weather. Attics heat up fast! Be sure to pick a day when the temperature isn't going to spike to high. Oh and start as early in the day as you can.
  • In aboveaveragejoe's post is a link called "Basic Insulation Guide". Print the ruler from the guide and place a mark at the desired insulation height. Now make copies and place along every few joist in the attic. This way as you blow the insulation you can easily keep the depth consistent.
  • Before starting the machine survey the attic. Mentally section it up in your head so you can work quickly and efficiently.
  • If it's all rafters put down some plywood to give yourself a foot path. In our case we bought  a sheet of OSB and had it cut up the middle. This gave me essentially a 2' x 16' walkway I could easily move around the attic.
  • Aboveaveragejoe also mentions having a second person on hand. This is really a good idea it not only saves you the time and energy of going in and out the attic to reload bags into the machine, it gives you a safety net in case something happens.
  • Lastly stay hydrated like I said attics can heat up fast and it's easy to miss if you've been running around in one all day. Stop every hour or so and have a quick breather and drink.



Like I said we did two houses that day and it was my first time. I was shocked at how easy the process as a whole was. Well I hope these tips help make the job that much easier for you and please hit us with any further questions you may have.




Posted 2011-03-21T15:23:08+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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