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Attic Fan insulation

We've recently bought a house with an attic fan that we do not use.  We've quickly found out that the upstairs landing where the fan is gets extremely hot in the late afternoon with air coming down through the slats from the attic.  We don't want to have someone come remove the fan and cover the hole (too many other necessary projects right now) but I thought about getting some insulation to stuff between the fan and the slats....should I be concerned about anything if I do that?  Any alternative suggestions would be appreciated too!


Thanks so much!

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Posted 2011-07-08T17:34:17+0000  by LaurenMM LaurenMM

Hello LaurenMM,


Welcome to the community, let's get your attic fan insulated!


You have a pretty simple solution when it comes to placing a insulated cover over the fan and the slats, and that product is called Foamular! The same guys (Owens-Corning) that make the pink fluffy regular insulation also make a great insulation in sheet form. Foamular is amazing, you can cut it to the exact shape you want to fit the area either in or around the attic fan! I recommend this over standard insulation since this won't come off and get into your attic fan like regular fluffy insulation can, and it's easy to remove once you want to use the attic fan again. It comes in various thicknesses in the store, and we sell them on the same aisle as the pink fluffy insulation.


Below is a picture and detailed info of this great product....




If you have to build a box around the attic fan using Foamular, you can easily do this by cutting the pieces to size and adhering them together with duct tape. You can use the same tape to also seal the joints between the gaps that touch the frame so you will have no air coming down from the attic!


Let us know if this helps!


Posted 2011-07-09T16:13:35+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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