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August 2018 Kids Workshop

Saturday’s temperatures soared into the 90s; customers were coming into the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot to purchase fans and air conditioners. Hoses and sprinklers were flying off the shelf as well to aid in the hydration of the sun-parched lawns and flower gardens and I know that at least one of the sprinklers was going to a customer’s back yard to cool off kids.

Summer is in full swing in Boston, wicked high temperatures with extremely high humidity… everyone is looking for an escape from the heat.

It was so nice to see all the young builders march into the Kids Workshop on Saturday; the workshop rumbled with the pounding of the hammers but overall the little workshop attendees were cool, calm and collected.

The August KW project was a charming set of “bookworm” bookends. Simple; just a few parts to be glued and nailed together, the final step was to line up the sweetest sticker of a gloriously green bookworm and stick it right into place, and then the project was finished, ta-daa!

The kids loved this month’s project, they were so proud to show off the finished product.


Having a routine and being organized should start at an early age and these practical little bookends will help hold up and bring together books of all shapes and sizes.

Maybe someday, when these builders are a bit older, their summer reading books will be held in place by the bookworm bookends; and they will be reminded of how they escaped the heat on a very hot summer day to build their bookshelf friends at, The Home Depot, Kids Workshop.

Get organized and make some memories while you do it!  Be “bookworm” smart, schedule, the Kids Workshop, on your calendar, mark the first Saturday of every month, just come with your favorite little builder, it is free and open to the public! 

Make it a routine and enjoy,



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