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Australian Aborigines in my Attic??

For the past month or so, my wife and I have noticed an undulating humming or vibration coming from the shared wall of our second floor master bath and 2nd upstairs bathroom. I know it seems silly, but the sound is remarkably similar to Aboriginal didgeridoo music!  We live in a very windy area, and it seems the noise increases and decreases along with the wind speed/gustiness. I suspect we have some sort of problem with the vent pipe - perhaps literally the wind howling down the vent pipe? But we never had the problem previously, so I wonder if the pipe is partially clogged, helping to cause the strange sound or amplifying it. The sound is generated regardless of whether the plumbing is being used or not...the humming is always there as long as the wind is blowing. I don't notice any change to the sound when the plumbing is used (flushing, showering, sink, etc).


The house is about 6 years old, and we are the original owners. I've always wanted to visit Australia, but I don't necessarily want to be serenaded by didgeridoo music while I brush my teeth! :smileyvery-happy: Any ideas??

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Posted 2013-01-06T16:23:46+0000  by BMotis BMotis

I love the fact that you can joke about what must be a creepy sound (especially at night). :smileyindifferent:


You in fact most likely have already figured out the problem.  You obviously have a didgeridoo installed on your roof as a roof vent. This is a common problem (as seen in the pic below).




The truth is that a sewer gas vent pipe is about the width of a didgeridoo.  So it stands to reason that when wind is blowing down in the pipe - the sound will be similar.  I suggest adding a vent cap to the top of your pipe.  There are several types available on the market - but it will depend on the size of pipe you have.  You may have to contact a local plumber for specifics.

Posted 2013-01-06T19:35:57+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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