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Auto Painting Gun

Anyone know anything about correct paint gun for auto painting?

Need to buy one and don't want to get the wrong one.

Some ads show HVLP and tip size seems to be important but

very little info in the ads.



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Posted 2012-05-22T00:47:09+0000  by qtip qtip

Greetings Qtip,


My name is Tom, known here in the community as HD116. As a remodeling contractor I dealt with a number of the different paint sprayers used in and around homes, but for automotive purposes I turned to a friend who is a professional automotive painter.


HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) guns are the most popular in the automotive industry. They are considered the best choice for heavier coatings like primers and metallics. Reduced pressure is very popular for clear coats as the pattern is wetter and are faster and maintaining a wet edge that is critical in a good clear coat.


Consider a model like the one pictured below;



This model from Smarter Tools has the characteristics you are looking for. It is a versatile gun and can be used for a variety of applications as well as automotive usage. I think you will find the 800G Digital HVLP Spray Gun to be the type of gun you seek. Features like the fully adjustable spray pattern and the top mounted LED display make it easy to use as well.


There are a host of other HVLP guns available through that you may like to consider as well. I thought the versatility of the STSG-800G was worth your consideration. For the other options, please follow this link.

Best Answer

Posted 2012-05-22T14:05:43+0000  by HD116


The main reason for the advent of the HVLP sprayers is that it greatly reduces the amount of paint lost to overspray. Obviously, this reduces paint consumption, but it also helps keep the Feds happy. The government is trying to cut down on VOC's sprayed into the air. Likewise, professional auto painters have been required in later years to have enclosed spray booths with controlled air cleaning.


HVLP sprayers are popular amongst  painters in that many do not require a compressor, but utilize a lightweight turbine to supply large volumns of air at relatively low pressure. The air hose resembles a vacumn cleaner hose and actually becomes very warm due to the friction of the large volumn of air going through it.


In later years, a HVLP unit was my mainstay when spraying fine woodwork and cabinetry. Its lightweight made it very easy to move around the jobsite. Its turbine also required very little electricity. A compressor will often overload a common household outlet, the turbine did not.


My unit used a siphon pot. The sprayer picture in the above post uses a gravity feed, with the resevoir mounted above the gun.

Posted 2012-05-22T16:40:58+0000  by ordjen
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