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Back Yard Bird Sanctuary

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Create a backyard bird sanctuary:

Put out the welcome sign for our feathered friends for the winter, create a back yard sanctuary with a few easy steps. The benefits from attracting birds into your landscape is not just the beauty and the entertaining aspect of watching the tiny winged beauties; once a flight pattern has been established and birds begin to frequent the landscape the birds will help control the insect population.

Cultivating a welcoming bird community consists of a few simple elements, food, shelter fresh water and nesting spots….and that is it! Every yard can become a sanctuary for birds.

1.    Provide food whether it be putting up a bird feeder or planting a few native shrubs with berries as a food source will bring the birds and that is how it will all start.

2.    Clean water is essential for the survival of birds: a birdbath, a fountain or plants that hold water like cups on their leaves will keep birds stopping by. Place a weatherproof saucer under a drain spot to collect rainwater and condensation from the roof and gutter system of your home. Birds do not need a huge amount of water to be happy just enough for a drink and occasional bath. A birdbath heater or recirculating water will help to keep the water resource flowing during freezing temperature.

3.     A birdhouse provides shelter the structure is intended for that purpose but bird will also find shelter under eves and in thickly branched shrubs and trees, just a spot to ride out a storm, and a place to rest.


4.     Birds will make a nest in some of the most unlikely places with anything they can pick up in their beaks and fly away with, they are very resourceful. Leaving bits and pieces of nest building materials at their access will promote nest building close to the source. Straw, hay and fibrous mosses will encourage building nests, just place in a planter the birds will find the smorgasbord of building materials.


Calling birds into your garden, landscape or even feeding the birds on a small patio or porch will enrich your life. Taking a few steps to create an inviting space will benefit your home and gardens. The birds will eat unwanted insects and help to pollinate fruit and shade trees.

Check out the Audubon Society for a selection of native plants to enhance your landscape and entice the birds. Split perennials and give native plants to neighbors so that the entire neighborhood is a bird friendly, compare sighting in the neighborhood, get the children involved.

Start small first a feeder and then some native plants, a water source, the rest will follow naturally.  Monitor your area to make sure cats and predatorial animals are not preying on the nesting sites or stalking the feeders.

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Welcoming our feathered friends for the winter will bring a springtime and the summer season of natural insect control and wonderful bird watching!


Let us know if you set up a bird sanctuary, we would love to know what birds stop by.


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