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Back to School Paint Ideas For Teachers

Lots of teachers have been stopping by the paint department at my store asking about ways to update their classrooms. These customers prompted me to write a post for the teachers of our community. There are a few simple ways to update and renew your classroom and have it ready in time for the first day of school.  


Chalkboard Paint

At the Home Depot we carry black chalkboard paint, tintable chalkboard paint and clear chalkboard paint. 

Black Chalkboard Paint

Pre-tinted black chalkboard paint is great for a used black chalkboard that needs to be refinished.  


Tintable Chalkboard Paint


The tintable chalkboard paint is available in 12 colors that will need to be tinted at your local Home Depot store. If you’re tired of the same old color on your chalkboard, this is a great way to update and change the color. 

Clear Chalkboard Paint


The clear chalkboard paint is a great way to make a new surface a chalkboard without changing to color.  Just paint it right over the existing paint and you have a chalkboard surface!  


Remember, you will have to wait 3 days after you paint to write on your new chalkboard finish.  

If you wanted to be really cool, you before you paint your surface, you can prime it with a magnetic primer


Wall Paint

One of the easiest things to do to update your classroom is by simply painting the walls.  


Here is some color psychology for you when you are considering a color.  


Purple promotes thoughtfulness, wisdom and imagination.  


Green is calming, soothing and peaceful.  


Yellow is a warm color that makes people feel cheerful and friendly. 


Orange is also a cheerful color that also energizes and makes people feel confident.  


Gray is calming and promotes authority and maturity 


Please share with us ways you have updated your classroom with the help of Home Depot!  



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