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Backup Generator

I plan to purchase a 16KW Generac generator. I have a duplex with two separate meters and panels. I'd like to be able to switch to the generator when power is lost. I'd like to switch power automatically for one unit and either automatically or manually for the other unit (depending on the equipment cost and ease of installation). What do you think is the minimum hardware (e.g. transfer switches) I need? I'll have an electrician do the installation.
Keyvan Irani
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Posted 2018-08-13T16:00:35+0000  by lazy_DIYer lazy_DIYer
Hi lazy_DIYer,

The installation will depend on your current service and if it meets code. An upgrade may be required to your service panels and the panels may even have to be replaced if they are too old. Since building codes vary by location I would consult with a local electrical contractor. He or she can recommend a safe and legal installation that will meet local code and be easy to use.


Posted 2018-08-14T00:26:46+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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