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Balcony Door on a Very Noisy Street

Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I bought a house next to a very busy street. All of my windows are double panned and the sound isn't bother some expect the upstairs bedroom balcony double door facing the street. I have a lot of motorcycles in my neighborhood as well. My door is 50 years old, worn down and doesn't have the tighten seal anymore. I would like to replace the entire door and frame with a door that is more sound proof. Not sure which door I should choose or if I need to install something else. I would like some direction on what to choose and maybe help soundproofing the door. Also I'm in a HOA and would need a double door that is designed like this. Thanks

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Posted 2017-03-20T22:42:51+0000  by SamanthaMeraz SamanthaMeraz

Hello SamanthaMeraz and welcome to the Community.


Exterior doors today are made with dual-pane high-performance glass that are sandwiched together with a layer of vacuumed sealed gas between them.   Another feature as seen on an Anderson French patio door has quality construction like mortise-and-tenon dowel joints and a multi-point locking system that seals the door tight. 


Here is a link to exterior French Patio doors.  Some lite patterns (window configurations), may not be available online but can be designed by the Millwork Associate at your local Home Depot store, to match the 10 lite pattern that your HOA require.  You can even get a gliding patio door with a 10 lite pattern.


Having a properly installed, well-sealed door with quality glass will make significant difference in reducing the noise infiltration from outside.  A modern quality exterior door will also provide significant insulation qualities that can help reduce your air-conditioning bills.


The millwork associate can also provide you with installation options.


Thank you for your inquiry and shopping at Home Depot.



Posted 2017-03-21T15:28:55+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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