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Barthroom remodel

we are going to remodel our bathroom and install a beadboard wainscotting. What should be done first the tile flooring or the wainscotting?

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Posted 2012-03-16T22:17:20+0000  by lindalee lindalee

Good afternoon lindalee!


Thanks for your question, I'd like to welcome you to the community!


As with most things in life, you have choices when it comes to doing a project such as remodeling your bathroom.


Therefore, it is entirely up to you whether you want to install your new tile flooring first or do the wainscotting on the walls second.


In terms of time, the floor (if you choose to install ceramic, porcelain or stone tile) will  take longer for install time and much longer (usually overnight) for drying time. Armed with that knowledge, if this is the only bathroom in the house, I'd recommend to work around your work schedule so you won't be deprived of a shower and toilet when its needed.


The wainscotting should only be an issue when you are putting in the final trim pieces for the baseboards. If you do install the wainscotting paneling first, and you install the baseboard moulding with it, it may leave a gap that can prevent the tile from going underneath it. Most professional tilers don't put the base moulding until after the tile is done.


Therefore, you can install the wainscotting before the tile, but make sure the base moulding is the last thing that goes on, so the tiles can look their best!


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2012-03-17T20:17:52+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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