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Basement Suite Bathroom Painting

My fiance and I have just moved into a two bedroom basement suite in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I've done DIY home improvement in Texas but the conditions up here are extremely different. Because we're in a basement suite the entire living area is very damp. We plan on purchasing a dehumidifier but before then I'll be repainting and retiling (shower wall) the bathroom and need to know the best primer/paint to use in such a small area that already has to be resistant to the normal humidity of a bathroom. I do not know if the drywall is 'green boarded' but do know that the paint currently on the walls is low quality, no sheen and shows every water mark and handprint that comes in contact with it. Any suggestions or ideas?

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Posted 2012-08-20T21:35:20+0000  by Kimber Kimber




I am somewhat confused as to what is on the wall you intend to tile? Is it merely this chaulky paint on drywall?


Ideally, the wall should be a damage proof product such as cement board, but what is there is there and you are not the owners. However, at a minimum, I would prime the wall to be tiled with a coat of oil based primer such as Kilz or Coverstain. As long as you are then already into the oil primer, go ahead and prime the whole bath with it. You might consider using the new low odor Kilz. It is really worth the several extra dollars not to have to breathe the extreme smell of the regular Kilz or Coverstain.


The oil primer will make an excellent base for the tile, as well as for a finish coat of paint. Oil paints in general seal better against moisture. Both these primers also contain mildecides. The flat sheen of the primer will also give good adhesion for the tile adhesive.


Your finish coat can be water based enamel, such as Behr's Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra. In a high humidity environment,  consider the Ultra in at least a satin sheen for its superior anti-moisture, anti-mildew qualities..


Hopefully, there is no sign of mildew in your apartment. If so, it must be cleaned with a mildew killing product before painting. For small areas, Clorox " Clean-Up", works well. It can be found in the cleaning section of Home Depot.


For the rest of the apartment, either the regular Behr or Behr Ultra would be fine. However, to achieve optimum appearance over that chaulky paint, two coats would be advised, even though both are self priming.


Hope this is of help

Posted 2012-08-21T00:30:20+0000  by ordjen
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