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I am currently remodeling my bathroom and ran into a snag.  After taking out the bath tub I starting to put the new tub in I realized that the drain will not match up.  I have since started to panic and now looking for ideas.  What is my next step? the shoe I have is constructed of brass.  Will I need to put a new one in or can I dismantle the top and bottom arms and put the correct size on?  I don't know if this is a dumb question this is the first bath and maybe the last bath I replace.


Thanks for your help

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Posted 2012-07-29T02:27:36+0000  by cnote277 cnote277

Hi cnote277,


Since you are installing a new tub, now is the time to install an all new tub waste sytem. This is much easier to do now than going back in through a small access door to repair or replace it later.


 New tub waste kits are available in Brass or ABS plastic.


The ABS plastic units are much less expensive and are trouble free. The new waste can be adjusted to fit your new tub.


I hope this answers your question




Posted 2012-07-30T20:13:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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