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Bath & Faucets

Bath spout problem

I am trying to remove an old bath spout with diverter. There is no set screw present so I am assuming all I have to do is turn the faucet counter clockwise to remove. I have tried using channel locks and plumber wrench but it won't give. I do not want to break the water line coming in.

Any suggestions?


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Posted 2017-10-09T16:36:30+0000  by Chainsaw Chainsaw
Hello Chainsaw.  Welcome to the Community!

There are only 2 ways I know of that these bath spouts attach/remove.  One is with a set screw underneath by the wall that once unscrewed will allow you to pull the spout straight out.  Lacking that set screw, then the spout must itself unscrew from the supply pipe.

Carefully cut away any sealant/grout from the spout wall interface, and the spout should unscrew (counter-clockwise) from the wall.  You might try using a large screwdriver as a lever by inserting it into the spout outlet.  Otherwise a wrench as you are trying to do should also work.  Yes, hopefully you will not damage or remove the supply pipe.  If you do, it can also be rather easily replaced.

If the pipe is galvanized steel, then a new one can be threaded into the elbow behind the wall using a small amount of pipe dope on the threads.  If the supply is copper and becomes damaged, then it can be cut back, and a new slip-on type spout with a set screw can be installed.


Posted 2017-10-10T14:20:11+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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