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Bath tub faucet

When I turn on the shower hot water still comes out of the faucet  so the water pressure is lower and I run out of hot water.  Is the problem with the shower head or faucet??

Thank you for any help

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Posted 2011-01-17T17:33:24+0000  by nancyde55 nancyde55

Hi ya doing nancyde55, sounds as if you've got a diverter problem on your hands. The diverter controls the flow of water to either the shower head or tub spout. But no worries as this is can be a pretty easy fix depending on your setup. I'll walk you through the easier of the solution first.


If your tub spout has a diverter lever on it and you have water coming through it means more than likely the gate diverter inside has failed. tub spout_cutaway.png

This could be for any number of reasons from washer wear to it simply getting loose over time. The easiest fix is to replace the tub spout with a new one.

Look at the underside of the spout and see if there is a small hole and/or screw visible. If there is you'll need to remove the screw, you may need and Allen head wrench depending on the type of screw you find. After you remove the screw the spout can be removed by turning counter clockwise. If there isn't a screw underneath then simply turning the spout counter clockwise will remove the spout.


  • Note: The spout may have require some force to get started turning. If this is the case place a screwdriver handle into the spout opening to use for leverage and your free hand on the spout to help rotate and keep it stable. 
  • Note: The spout may also be caulked to the tub wall, you can cut this away using a utility knife. 
Once you have the spout removed take it to the plumbing department of your local store. An associate can help you match the finish you need as well as identify which replacement spout is a match for your connection type. Once back home screw the new spout into place and run the screw underneath (if present) tight and marvel at your handy work.
  • Note: Depending on the age and style of the spout you may find the replacement a little too short to reach the tub wall. Adding an escutcheon plate between the tub and spout can remedy this.

    The second solution is more slightly more complicated. If the tub spout does not have a diverter lever on it or if your shower set up has three handles. More than likely the diverter is located in the wall as part of the valve assembly.
    Before you do anything in this setup as a precaution cut off the water to the house. Once that's done you need to remove the handle. Usually this means popping the cap off the handle to access the screw underneath. When the handle is off you should be looking at the diverter stem.
    Remove the stem using using either a shower stem removal tool or ratchet and deep set socket.
    WP_000213.jpgNow that the stem is out a plumbing associate will be able to identify whether or not you need to replace the washer or entire stem to solve the problem. I hope this has been helpful and be sure to hit us with any further questions. 


      Posted 2011-01-17T19:53:31+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

      I don't know if this solved Nancy's problem but it sounds like this is the solution to mine.  Thank you

      Posted 2011-02-27T18:03:20+0000  by stlmama2001

      Well stlmama2001 I'm very glad to hear the post was of some help to you. Welcome to the community!



      Posted 2011-02-27T18:30:46+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

      i am also having the same problem but to add to it i have hot water spraying out of the knob as well. does this mean i need to change all 3 knobs/

      Posted 2013-01-17T01:13:36+0000  by porsha13

      Porsha13 if you have hot water spraying from a knob then that stem will need its washer replaced. If you follow the second set of directions from the previous post, you will be good to go. Remember to cut off the water supply and that taking the stems into the store with you is always the best idea.


      There a variety of stems availible and handing one to a plumbing associate is immensley helpful, also there's always the chance that the entire problem can be solved with a new washer. Let us know how the repair goes or if you have any other questions.




      Posted 2013-01-18T14:32:33+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

      I recently installed a new Grohe rough in valve and trim to existing shower head and tub spout (w/ diverter on spout).  My problem is that some water comes out of shower head even though diverter is down for tub only.  I cylced the diverter many times but to no avail.  I would say that flow is 15% to shower and 85% to tub spout.  Seems that there is too much pressure for tub spout hence diversion to shower?    Any advice appreciated!

      Posted 2013-02-18T14:35:53+0000  by jtihansky
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