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Bath tub faucet help!

Hello everyone!!
My ex husband and I installed a new bath tub about 15 years ago and ever since then.. when you take a shower, half of the water pours out of the shower head and the other half comes out of the faucet. It doesn't all come out of the shower head, like it is supposed to. 

He has always done all the work and I'm not even sure how to go about knowing what needs to be fixed. My best guess would be some sort of ring or seal. 

Can someone give me a little help here on how to fix this??
Thanks so much!!

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Posted 2018-07-13T22:07:57+0000  by Summerdawne73 Summerdawne73
It's actually a pretty easy fix.  Assuming you have a tub spout with a little pull at the front end of it, there's a little plastic piece in there that has a gasket behind it.

While it could be done while the spout is still attached, it's easier if you take the spout out.  Most simply unscrew.  Just put a screwdriver in the end of the tub spout for leverage and twist counter clockwise.  The tub spout should just screw off.

The next step is to get the metal rod out of the plastic.  Just take a small flatblade screw driver and break the plastic around the rod.  That will allow the rod to pull out of top of the spout and the plastic piece and gasket will fall out the bottom.

You'll need a repair kit, available at Home Depot SKU #1000014483, $5.39

Follow the directions in the package to put it back together.  I might suggest giving the surface that the little black gasket rubs against inside the spout a good cleaning so it's nice and smooth.  While some very fine sandpaper would be the best choice, if you don't happen to have any handy, use a green kitchen scrubbie. 

Put a little fresh Teflon tape on the threads of the pipe coming out of the wall and reattach the spout.
Posted 2018-07-14T01:45:50+0000  by Adam444
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